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Tribute to comedy writer Bob Larbey

Early last month comedy writer Bob Larbey died.  On Saturday, BBC2  will be airing a short tribute programme at 8pm presented by Penelope Keith. Afterwards there will be repeats of two  programmes  about two of Larbey’s sitcoms, Every Decreasing Circles and The Good Life.


Comedy writer Bob Larbey dies

Bob Larbey has died at the age of 79.

You may not know his name but you’ve probably seen his work, certainly if you live in the UK.

Bob Larbey and his writing partner John Esmonde wrote some of the UK’s classic sitcoms. The most famous of which was The Good Life (known as Good Neighbours in the US).

Other sitcoms he penned were Please Sir, Ever Decreasing Circles, As Time Goes By, A Fine Romance among many others. He also contributed 7 scripts to Frost on Sunday.

A brilliant writer. His legacy of laughter will live on.


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