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Strictly 2016 week 13 – The Final

Opening number
So it’s the final and the opening was a bit glitzy affair to “When Love Takes Over” by David Ghetta & Kelly Rowland.
The dancers danced around the Strictly winners’ trophy.

Congratulations to Strictly and Apprentice winners

Congratulations to the winners of Strictly Come Dancing and the winner of The Apprentice
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Strictly 2016 week 12 Semi-Finals – Sunday show

Opening number
This was a contemporary routine with a bird theme to “Chandelier” by Sia. Janette is the bird in the cage.
I enjoyed this and the lifts and balletic movements were good but I'm not sure what story they were telling. Janette got back in her cage at the end, I thought she'd fly away with Pasha!

Strictly 2016 week 12 Semi-Finals – Saturday show

Strictly 2016 week 11 – Sunday show

Opening number
This was “All That Jazz” from Chicago. Ed Ball’s pro partner Katya took the lead in this one. I really enjoyed this as I love this song from this musical!

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Strictly 2016 week 11 – Saturday show

Opening number

This was a routine called “Anything Can Happen” with Anton hosting and singing (yes, singing)! He just about got away with it as it was a part talk, part sing role! He sang “anything can happen on the Strictly stage” as he showed us around with pros, celebs, judges and guest child performers dressed as characters from musicals. Even Tess and Claudia appeared pretending to be having their make-up done. There was a lot of quick change costuming going on off camera as pros appeared in one costume one minute and another the next. I spotted Jo Clifton dressed as a pink lady from Grease and then in a yellow ballroom dress to dance with Anton the next! Craig and Bruno appeared as pearly kings to sing Lambeth walk with Anton then were dressed in raincoats and hats with umbrella, then Craig holding up a 4 paddle! There were props being moved about too. This routine must have been a nightmare to choreograph with people running everywhere to be in the right place on camera when Anton sang about them!

Strictly 2016 week 10 – Sunday show

Opening number

This was a sporting themed Charleston routine to “You Gotta Have Pep”

Strictly 2016 week 10 – Saturday show

Strictly 2016 week 9 – Sunday show

Opening number
This was a rock ‘n’ roll number to “The Nicest Kids in Town” from the musical Hairspray. Pros and celebs were involved in this.

Strictly 2016 week 9 – Saturday show

It’s Blackpool week!
Opening number
This is was a full on glamour number to “He’s/She’s the One” from musical “A Chorus Line”, with each of the remaining seven contestants being highlighted …
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