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A (not so) Pointless experience

It’s like any ordinary town in the UK. People bustle up and down the high street going about their business. There’s a train station at one end of the street and travellers are hurrying in and out as the tannoy announces the latest departures and arrivals. Yet …  if you care to look down at the pavement near the station or glance towards the roadside as you walk down it, or if you look right towards that hangar, on what on the face of it, looks like an industrial estate as you leave the supermarket, you might notice something not ordinary at all. That hangar’s roof has lettering on it naming it ‘The George Lucas Stage’ and down at your feet are star names and near the road are large commemorative plaques honouring some famous actors.

This is Elstree, the home of Star Wars, Indiana Jones and more recently where The King’s Speech and Sherlock Holmes: Book of Shadows were made. It has also been the home of numerous other films and British TV series for decades. It is currently the home of Strictly Come Dancing and a popular quiz show, which I and my husband happen to like, called Pointless.


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BBC2’s 50th

On the 20th April, BBC2 will be 50 years old. Tonight at 10pm there is the first of four half hour programmes (made for the 40th anniversary!) showing on 2 (naturally!) about the channel.

On the day itself at 9pm there is a programme called 'All About Two' which is a panel show type show featuring famous faces from people on the channel. Professor Brian Cox, Pointless's Richard Osman and former BBC2 controller Sir David Attenborough are just some of the chsnnel’s stars who will be appearing.

BBC2 had a difficult birth as a power cut affected the launch, meaning that they didn't air till the following day. As one of the people at the time said, the fact that they didn't go on air created more publicity than if they had!


Hislop and Merton return

Long running satirical news quiz, Have I Got News for You returns to BBC1 Friday 4th April at 9pm. Guest host is Jennifer Saunders and panellists are MP Sadiq Khan and quiz show host Richard Osman. For those wanting a little bit more, the extended edition is on Tuesday on BBC1 at 10:35.


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