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Doctor Who new series trailer airs!

The BBC have shown the trailer for the new season of Doctor Who, in the half time break during coverage of the World Cup final no less! The video  can be seen on their web site at the link above.

The trailer is awesome with some great clips. Peter Capaldi  already is looking like a great Doctor and seems more serious in tone and introspective, asking Clara if he is a good man. The tagline is ‘It’s Time You Knew Him’

August 23rd  can’t come soon enough!


Jack’s back!

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Jack Bauer is back to save the world (probably!) again, and this time he’s in London. I expect lots of car chases, explosions and general mayhem on and near loads of London landmarks!

In the UK, Sky 1 are showing the programme in a simulcast with the US. This means that for those of us in the UK, it’s on at 1am on Tuesday. It kicks off with a double bill, so there’s another episode at 2am. There’s also a half hour behind the scenes programme prior to the main show, and that’s on at 12:35am.

Warehouse 13, Last Season

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The last ever season of Warehouse 13 starts on the SyFy channel from Tuesday at 9pm. It is a shortened season of only 6 episodes, so let’s hope Artie, Pete, Myka, Claudia and Steve go out in style.

Ian’s Hislop’s Olden Days

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I always find anything presented/written by Ian Hislop (pictured) interesting. His last show for BBC2 on The British Stiff Upper Lip was informative and entertaining, so I thought I’d flag up that he has another history based documentary series airing this week on BBC2.

It’s called Ian Hislop’s Olden Days and is about the British obsession with the past.

It is 3 one hour programmes, airing 9pm on BBC2 starting Wednesday.

The Guess List

This is a new show for Saturday. The trailer looks very much like a slightly revamped Blankety Blank which was a staple show for the BBC in the late 70s to 2000s. This new version is hosted by Rob Brydon who already hosts one of my favourite shows, Would I Lie To You.

How close it resembles Blankety Blank we shall see, but the BBC could do with a hit on Saturday early evening after a number of misses like Don’t Scare The Hare,  I Love My Country,  That Puppet Game Show and Richard Hammond’s Secret Service.

No air date given as yet, but my guess is for when The Voice finishes, so a week on Saturday.

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