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The Apprentice 2015 (Show 12 Final)

Yes, the show has finished, but here eventually is the full post for the Final!
City Hall. The final meeting. Joseph and Vana arrive.
Lord Sugar asks them to launch their businesses and says they’ll need some help. Some past candidates from the class of 2015 return. It’s that awkward pick a team schoolday panic “I hope I’m not last” moment!

The Apprentice 2015 (Show 11 – Interviews)

Yes, the show has now finished but for completeness I will be posting on the remaining shows (this one, and the final)

The candidates meet Lord Sugar at the Leadenhall building, informally known as “the cheesegrater” in London.

Gary, Vana, Richard, Charleine, Joseph

The Apprentice 2015 (Show 10)

Yes, the show has now finished but for completeness I will be posting on the remaining shows (this one, the interviews one and the final)

The remaining six candidates are asked to meet Lord Sugar at the London Aquatic Centre at the Olympic Park.
Lord Sugar says that the UK is a nation of snackers and there is a rapidly growing market for a healthy alternative. The task to create a healthy snack and pitch it to three major retailers.
The UK spends 90 billion a year on snacks and healthy snacks are taking a big bite out the market says the narrator.

The Apprentice 2015 (Show 9)

The candidates receive boxes of safety jackets and helmets at the house and are told to meet Lord Sugar at the top of the Southbank tower. On the way, Selina hopes that the teams remain the same. Richard says he can't see Charleine saying that she'd really like him to come back and Selina says the same for herself!

Lord Sugar says they've sold many things but now for the most expensive of all, property. He has found two developers who are about to launch some properties and the teams are to vie to represent and sell them.
The winners are the ones with the most commission.

Oh dear, to even up the teams Selina is sent over to Versatile and back to Charleine!

The Apprentice 2015 (Show 8)

Lord Sugar asks the candidates to meet him at the Museum of Childhood.
Lord Sugar has two clients who want a birthday party for their pre-teen. The teams must arrange a party for them and the parents can choose to deduct money for anything they are unhappy with.


As Selina does event planning for a living, Lord Sugar appoints her project manager of Connexus. He also says that although Gary was project manager of Versatile on the last task, he hears that Gary's business plan is to do with event planning and therefore suggests that he take command of Versatile again for this task.

The Apprentice 2015 (Show 7)

4.30pm and the candidates are having a day of rest when they have an unexpected caller. Lord Sugar arrives and asks the candidates to gather together in one of the sitting rooms.

The Apprentice 2015 (Show 6)

The candidates are told to meet Lord Sugar at a builder’s yard wearing High-vis jackets and steel toe capped boots!
The task is to start a handy-man business and the team who make the most wins. White vans (two per team) have been made available and stocked with tools and equipment to assist in this.
There are two obvious project manager candidates for the task. Last week Brett was singled out by Lord Sugar for being sub-team leader three times but never project manager. Brett is a builder so was assigned as manager of team Connexus. Elle is a construction executive so is moved to team Versatile to take charge of them.

The Apprentice 2015 (Show 5)

The launch place of this weeks’ task, The London Library where, Lord Sugar informs the candidates, Rudyard Kipling, Agatha Christie and Charles Dickens did research for their books.

The Apprentice 2015 (Show 4)

The phone rings at the candidates' house and Natalie takes the call. She passes the message on that they are to meet Lord Sugar at Samuel Johnson's house. Rather amusingly a couple of the boys mishear it as Samuel L Jackson's house! Luckily, Sam puts them right (well almost) saying he's a poet!
The candidates meet Lord Sugar in Gough Square in London.

The Apprentice 2015 (Show 3)

Dover castle, the setting for the launch of the next task

In the underground bunker of the castle. Lord Sugar appears on a monitor and launches the task. Each team is to locate a set of items, buying them for the best price whether in Calais or in Kent.
Half of each team will go to Calais and the other half will remain on the Kent coast.


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