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Stars of Years Gone By

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Regarding the untimely sad death of Rik Mayall yesterday, I read a post on a forum from someone who said that the young people he worked with didn't know who Mayall was. Mayall has been a well known comedy actor in the UK since the 80s so it seems rather surprising and shocking that he is already unheard of by new generations coming up. This made me think of all those stars of TV and film who were household names in their day and yet sadly are now unknown by the vast majority. So, I have decided to do an occasional post where I'll feature a British star from the past who was famous on TV or in British films, with a picture and a brief description of their work.

They will go into new category “Stars of Years Gone By”.


Ian’s Hislop’s Olden Days

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I always find anything presented/written by Ian Hislop (pictured) interesting. His last show for BBC2 on The British Stiff Upper Lip was informative and entertaining, so I thought I’d flag up that he has another history based documentary series airing this week on BBC2.

It’s called Ian Hislop’s Olden Days and is about the British obsession with the past.

It is 3 one hour programmes, airing 9pm on BBC2 starting Wednesday.

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