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Strictly Week 5

Strictly week 5. So who reached the summit and who didn’t leave base camp?

Keeping the couple order for the table as for week 2 rather than change the order every week, to make ease of comparison.

Couple Dance Song Scores (see *) Leaderboard Position Comment
Thom and Iveta Cha Cha It’s My Party 6,7,7,7=27
M 6
9 This looked more like a salsa. A bit stiff in the legs.
ELIMINATED in week 5
Jennifer and Tristan ———— ———– ———— ————— Dance off in week 2
Simon and Kristina Viennese Waltz Somebody to Love 7,7,7,7=28
M 8
8 Pleasant VW. Kept rotation going.
Dance off in week 3
Dance off in week 5
Gregg and Aliona ———— ———– ———— ————— ELIMINATED Week 2
Alison and Aljaž Tango Addicted to You 5,6,6,6=23
M 4
10 As I suspected, this didn’t suit her. Her poor footwork was highlighted here. Not sharp enough.
Jake and Janette Quickstep I’m Still Standing 7,8,8,8=31
M 7
5 A bit frenetic and not quite polished enough.
Judy and Anton Charleston Varsity Drag 3,5,5,5=18
M 4
12 She is improving, but slowly. The skipping bit in the middle was good and she managed the lifts reasonably well. Yes, Anton did the main work, but she did help him.
Caroline and Pasha Paso doble Live and Let Die 8,9,8,9=34
M 8
2 Good routine with plenty of attack and did well to do the paso to the music.
Tim and Natalie ———— ———– ———— ————– ELIMINATED Week 4
Sunetra and Brendan Viennese Waltz Anyone Who Had a Heart 7,7,8,8=30
M 8
6 Very pleasing VW.
Mark and Karen Samba That’s The Way I Like It 8,9,8,8=33
M 8
3 Another dodgy music choice, but Mark did very well and it was a good routine.
Dance off in week 4
Scott and Joanne Charleston Flash Bang Wallop (What a Picture) 4,5,5,5=19
M 2
11 Spent most of the routine walking,sitting and trying to lift Joanne. He managed some comedy faces and mimed photo taking, but very poor.
Pixie and Trent Samba I Yi Yi Yi Yi 8,9,9,9=35
M 8
1 good rhythm and body movement but lacked some bounce.
Steve and Ola Waltz I Wonder Why 7,8,7,8=30
M 7
7 Steve could be a ballroom boy, not a Latin one. This suited him very well indeed.
Frankie and Kevin Foxtrot Daydream Believer 8,8,8,8=32
M 8
4 Very enjoyable routine. A foxtrot can be boring, but Kevin’s showbiz ending lifted it at the end.

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* Scores: 4 numbers showing the scores from Craig, Darcey,Len and Bruno in order with total. The next number shown as M is my score.

Dance of the Week

I enjoyed a lot of the dances this week. Contenders were Sunetra’s and Brendan’s Viennese waltz, and Frankie and Kevin’s foxtrot, but I decided to go with the top of the leaderboard for Caroline and Pasha’s paso doble. The music wasn’t the best for a paso but they did an excellent job, so kudos to them for that.

Dress of the Week

Quite a few candidates for this and I can’t choose between them so here is Frankie’s and then Ola’s. Frankie and Kevin danced a very nice foxtrot to Daydream Believer then Steve and Ola did a lovely waltz to I Wonder Why.

Lovely hairdos, makeup and accessories of the week!

I don’t normally comment on this, but I thought Frankie and Sunetra in particular had lovely hair, makeup and accessories this week.

Sunetra danced to Anyone Who Had a Heart and the 60s theme was carried though to Sunetra’s hair. Her earrings were beautiful too!

Most Inappropriate Music of the Week

Caroline and Pasha dancing a Paso Doble to Live and Let Die. The changing time of this tune made this a difficult job but they did very well indeed and used the drama of the piece to great effect, making them top of the leaderboard.

Not really inappropriate per se, but Jake and Jannette did a quickstep to “I’m Still Standing”. For me this music will forever be associated with series 2 winners Jill Halfpenny and Darren Bennett, for whom it was their signature jive dance. There aren’t that many signature dances but this is one, so I would have preferred the producers to choose something else.

Claudia and Tess

It seems that Claudia’s sense of humour irritates some people, and that the Halloween piece annoyed some. Well not me, I love her quirky sense of humour and I feel that she and Tess really get on. In the Halloween skit, Claudia appeared in a white ghost sheet behind Tess. Tess informed her that it was Halloween next week. She took off the sheet, and then the camera focussed briefly on he next couple to dance. When the camera came back to Tess, Claudia had her vampire teeth in, which she took out, looked sheepish for a moment and then proceeded to try and get Tess to put them in!

Thom goes on the charm offensive

After saying that his Mum was in the audience, queue camera to show Mum, Thom told Claudia “You look lovely, by the way”. She looks embarrassed then says “It goes on”, followed by a look to camera. It was embarrassing and endearing at the same time!


wpid-Photo-20141028011134.jpg wpid-Photo-20141028011136.jpg

Scott and Joanne’s Charleston

The Charleston is a gift to those with who haven’t many dancing skills, and bottom table stalwarts Scott and Judy both got this dance this week. First up, Scott and his pro partner Joanne, who did a routine to Flash, Bang, Wallop (what a picture). Pro Joanne created a routine which involved as little dancing as possible for Scott! They did lots of miming taking photographs, lifting, sitting and walking. Joanne’s gurning was turned up to level 10!


They rowed a boat on the floor…


Scott attempts to lift Joanne.


I know this one looks like a lift gone wrong, but it was actually meant to look like this!

Judy and Anton’s Charleston

Next Judy and her pro partner Anton. They danced to Varsity Drag, which was a good song for a Charleston. The theme was boating, so they started in a boat.

They got out, did some dancing using the oars, then got down to some lifting, jumping and such like.


Judy does a swimming motion


Anton throws Judy about



Judy did show potential though, and it was an entertaining dance. Scott’s was just painful.
Results Show

Not quite sure why we got a cowboy themed pro dance to kick off the show, but it was entertaining enough. I was wondering who the new bearded pro was when he suddenly got out his lasso! It seems that this was Jimmy Johnston, who is an actor who has appeared in musicals, notably Oklahoma and is rather handy with a lasso! After doing a solo lasso piece, the musical number ended with him lassoing Tess and Claudia to the centre of the stage.

In the “Len’s lens” segment of the show, Claudia showed us something that we the viewers didn’t see just after she and Tess did their introduction.

Here is Jimmy, focussing on the lovely Tess and Claudia… He then didn’t look where he was going, and walked and tripped over the hay bale, feet flying into the air and then scrambling over the top! Claudia and Tess hadn’t reacted and we at home had been unaware of Jimmy’s unintentional comedy exit!


So long Jimmy


Jimmy walks away


Jimmy going too fast to stop at hay bale


Jimmy walks into hay bale


Jimmy legs go up


Jimmy collapses


He drags his legs over


Jimmy’s head appears!

Culture Club
Culture Club were on singing Karma Charmeleon. For a start, I didn’t know they had reformed. A quick internet search revealed they are on tour in the UK in December. Well, on the evidence of this performance if I had tickets I’d be a bit worried. This was rather a lacklustre performance and Boy George’s voice seems to have deteriorated. This is a shame if it is permanent because in my opinion he had one of the standout voices to come out of the 80s music scene. Below pros Aliona and Tristan and Karen and Kevin do their best to distract the audience from Boy George’s singing.



The One Two That Got Away

Below, the moment that Scott and Joanne showed their shock at getting though to the next week. The nation shared their shock too.


The wooden gang got away with it again. Bruno said Scott was the love child of John Sergeant (series 6 2008) and Ann Widdecombe (series 8 2010) .To be fair though, John Sergeant wasn’t that bad, particularly when it came to ballroom. To those who have watched Strictly from the start, I think we’re talking Chris Parker (series 1, spring 2004) and Quentin Willson (series 2, autumn 2004) levels of left footdom here. Quentin was voted off in week 1 but Chris Parker got to the final, eventually losing to worthy winner Natasha Kaplinsky.

Judy also managed to avoid the dance off, as did Alison who produced a flat footed and lacklustre tango.

Right Couples in Dance Off?

Well, duh, no!

Well Thom tried it all. Having his almost identical looking brother in the VT, waving at his Mum who was in the audience, having his shirt open down to the waist, complimenting Claudia. All to no avail. You were trying too hard Thom, if you’d just danced like a plank of wood from week 1 you’d have been fine. You don’t have One Direction on speed dial either.

Simon did a very nice Viennese Waltz, but it still didn’t stop him for being in the dance off again after just two weeks.

For the first time this series, the judges were not unanimous in their decision. At first, it looked like curtains for Simon because judges Craig and Darcey voted for Thom, but then judge Bruno voted for Simon, forcing head judge to have the casting vote. Len, being a stickler for footwork and a tendency to support ballroom. saved Simon and that was it, goodbye Thom. As all the judges said, it was very difficult to choose between Simon and Thom as both were good but in different ways. I gave Thom dance of the week last week, and I stick by that. I thought it was a was good dance, and it is a shame he has gone so soon. Who would I have picked to save? Probably Thom on balance (pun not intended!) but it was a difficult choice.

Below, Iveta and Thom say their thanks and have their final dance to I try by Macy Gray, its chorus being …

“I try to say goodbye and I choke
I try to walk away and I stumble
Though I try to hide it, it’s clear
My world crumbles when you are not near
Goodbye and I choke
I try to walk away and I stumble
Though I try to hide it, it’s clear
My world crumbles when you are not near”

wpid-Photo-20141028011137.jpg wpid-Photo-20141028011137.jpg wpid-Photo-20141028011137.jpg

Random Comments

  • Why did they interview Babs Windsor and Jaime Murray in the audience? Other celebs have been in the audience before and haven’t been interviewed.
  • Following on from previous Abba and Elvis punathons, Claudia launched into a Queen punathon after Simon and Kristina danced to a Queen song. “Everyone tonight is Under pressure because tomorrow night Another one bites the dust. Don’t let it be Simon.” listening to ear piece, “What’s that? Don’t stop me now. I’m having such a good time. I’m having a ball. The show must go on. Tess to Claudia “What you do Is a kind of magic“.

Next Week

It’s Halloween week but the real nightmare scenario would be a final consisting of Alison,Scott and Judy.


Strictly Week 4

Strictly week 4. So who flew high this week and who plummeted?








Keeping the couple order for the table as for week 2 rather than change the order every week, to make ease of comparison.

Couple Dance Song Scores (see *) Leaderboard Position Comment
Thom and Iveta Foxtrot Build Me Up Buttercup 6 8 8 8 =30
M 8
6 Enjoyable foxtrot
Jennifer and Tristan ————– —————– ——— —————– Dance off in week 2
Simon and Kristina Charleston My Old Man (Said Follow The Van) 7 8 8 8 =31
M 8
5 Good energetic dance, with plenty of personality. Dance off in week 3
Gregg and Aliona ————– —————– ——— —————– ELIMINATED Week 2
Alison and Aljaž Samba Bootylicious 6 7 7 7 =28
M 6
=8 Good rhythm and musicality but no real bounce, well not on the legs anyway!
Jake and Janette Jive All Shook Up 8 9 8 8=33
M 8
=1 plenty of energy and he did the kicks and flicks well, but slipped in one of the moves.
Judy and Anton Tango Jealousy 4 6 6 6 =22
M 4
11 Anton’s usual play acting at the start, then threw Judy, which she also managed. Some stiff tango moves followed by an ambitious jump which came off well luckily!
Caroline and Pasha Quickstep We Go Together 8 8 9 8 =33
M 7
=1 energetic quickstep but a few missteps.
Tim and Natalie Paso Doble The Best 3 6 5 5 =19
M 2
12 random stomping about. Attempted some shaping and did some cape swishing but a mess really.
Sunetra and Brendan Salsa Turn the Beat Around 6 7 7 7 =27
M 6
=8 Energetic but missed some steps and possibility a lift too.
Mark and Karen Quickstep Tiger Feet 7 7 7 8=29
M 7
7 A lot of trotting, then kicking in the centre then a bit of jive. *see inappropriate music of the week
Dance off in week 4
Scott and Joanne American Smooth Total Eclipse of the Heart 2 5 4 4 =15
M 2
13 He tries hard, but pretty awful. It’s hard to tell what are mistakes and what are actual moves!
Pixie and Trent Rumba Stay With Me 8 8 8 8 =32
M 8
=3 Beautifully danced and the split leg drag was amazing, but not too many rumba moves.
Steve and Ola Salsa Jump the Line 6 7 7 7 =27
M 6
=8 Good at shimmying his top half but has stiff and blocky movement in the legs.
Frankie and Kevin Cha Cha Call Me Maybe 8 8 8 8 =32
M 8
=3 Good, but slightly stiff hips and legs.

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* Scores: 4 numbers showing the scores from Craig, Darcey,Len and Bruno in order with total. The next number shown as M is my score.

Dance of the Week

No major stand out dance for me this week, as I thought the leading pack were slightly under par. For this reason, I’ve picked Thom and Iveta’s foxtrot as I feel he has improved from last week and it was a charming dance.

Dress of the Week

Professional dancer, Karen’s beautiful white dress for her and Mark’s quickstep. I suspect all the budget went on this as they must have used tissue paper for Brendan’s trousers (which he split in the *ahem* crotch area!)
Beautiful strap detailing on the back.

OMG moment

Judy and Anton’s tango, or Anton’s “throw Judy about with some play acting and maybe a bit of tango” as it actually was. Fair play to Judy though for literally throwing herself into it and to Anton for catching her. It could have gone horribly wrong.

Most Inappropriate Music of the Week

Mark and Karen having to dance a quickstep to “Tiger Feet”. It was too fast and they resorted to trotting round the floor then doing some kicks and flicks in the middle of the floor and then, doing some jive then more trotting. Interesting that last week’s and this week’s “inappropriate music” couple have been in the dance off.

Results Show


The show kicked off with a pro dance (below) to “Counting Stars” by OneRepublic, which I enjoyed.

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga singing “Anything Goes” and then “It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing”. I wasn’t that impressed with this. Bennett looked slightly bemused by it all and sang o.k. but Lady Gaga was rather shouty. Gaga had left her meat costume at home but had opted to use the bacofoil for a floor length number with side cape and a Cher circa 1980s wig. She did thank the dancers, though, which was courteous of her. Natalie and Trent did lovely dances to both numbers.

The One Two That Got Away

Scott and Joanne. I had to think what dance they did just now as other than the lifts, it didn’t look like an American Smooth at all! Poor Scott, he really has no rhythm. Even the walk on to the stage looked bad!

Right Couples in Dance Off?

Tim yes, Mark no. I think Mark suffered from the inappropriate music choice and should have more weeks in him yet. It should have been Scott and Tim in the dance off. Although I’ve enjoyed Tim’s appearances up to now, the paso didn’t suit him. However, in a dance off against Scott, Tim would have had my vote as it soon became apparent in his final dance with Natalie that Tim has some dance ability unlike poor Scott! In the dance off against Mark, unsurprisingly all the judges chose to save Mark.

Tim and Natalie’s goodbye dance (Don’t Stop by Fleetwood Mac) was a joy. Tim was the epitome of good manners and spirit of Strictly and had obviously enjoyed the experience, as had Natalie, who for the record, is my favourite female pro. I really hope she gets a “contender” next year. The little glitterball that Tim presented her with on companion programme It Takes Two this week needs to be exchanged for the real thing!

Above and below, Tim showing that he does have some “moves”! Surviving couple, Mark and Karen applauding.

Above, Tim and Natalie in the middle, being applauded by fellow contestants, pros and Tess and Claudia.

Random Comments

  • Why did a male singer sing “My Old Man” for Simon and Kristina’s dance? This song is traditionally sung by a female.
  • Loved Claudia’s “A Donny 10 is half a normal 10, just kidding!” Voiced what we all knew.
  • A “well done” to Natalie Lowe for keeping a straight face during her and Tim’s paso. The matador outfit looked ridiculous on him.
  • Are wardrobe skimping on the male trousers material this year? That’s Kevin last week and now Brendan splitting his trousers.
  • Following on from last week’s Abba punathon, Claudia did an Elvis Presley one as Jake and Janette danced to “All shook up”. We got If you “can’t help fallin’ in love” with Jake and don’t want to see him “return to sender”, call. If you don’t he could end up in “heartbreak hotel” or worse still, “crying in the chapel”. Listening to earpiece. What? “A little less conversation”.

Next Week

What horrors will Scott and us endure and will another pro male split his pants?

Strictly Week 3

Strictly goes to the movies this week. Who was in a blockbuster and who was in a turkey?
Keeping the couple order for the table as for week 2 rather than change the order every week, to make ease of comparison.
Couple Dance Song Scores (see *) Leaderboard Position Comment
Thom and Iveta Charleston New York, New York 7.8,7,8,8=38
M 7
6 Enjoyable routine. Not too many Charleston moves, more a broadway routine, which worked for this music. Good energy,
Jennifer and Tristan Foxtrot Mamma Mia 3,5,5,5,5=28
M= 3
=12 Is this a foxtrot?! Loads out of hold. Lots of play acting.
Simon and Kristina Rumba Take My Breath Away 4,6,7,6,7=30
M 5
9 Not enough hips, flat.
Gregg and Aliona ————– —————— —————— —————– ELIMINATED Week 2
Alison and Aljaž Jive Footloose 4,5,7,6,6=28
M 4
10 Very flat footed. No bounce. Not much content. Not many kicks and flicks.
Jake and Janette Waltz Godfather waltz 8,8,8,8,8=40
M 8
=4 This was almost a tango/waltz fusion. Beautifully acted but not a lot of rise and fall.
Judy and Anton Quickstep Don’t Rain On My Parade 3,5,5,5,5=23
M 4
=12 Not much travel, or skipping but in hold with Anton, better. Her best dance to date, and her stiffness worked in her favour on holding herself on the “illegal” lift at the end!
Caroline and Pasha Rumba I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing 8,8,9,8,9=42
M 8
3 Nice rumba action, and lovely in-hold spins.
Tim and Natalie Charleston Money,Money 2,5,5,5,5=22
M 3
14 Dreadful yet entertaining, but no Charleston! Could just about do a Groucho Marx style walk!
Sunetra and Brendan American Smooth The Way You Look Tonight 7,8,8,9,8=40
M 8
=4 Lovely routine. Good foxtrot base. Sunetra kept in time with Brendan when side by side and exuded charm.
Mark and Karen Paso Doble Theme from Superman 6,6,9,7,7=35
M 7
7 paso lines poor, but plenty of oomph and strangely entertaining!
Scott and Joanne Samba Under the Sea 2,5,7,5,6=25
M 2
11 Terrible. No bounce. Flat footed. Even his costume as a crab fitted badly, yet it was entertaining!
Pixie and Trent Quickstep Be Our Guest 7,9,9,9,9=43
M 8
2 Great routine. Some charleston moves. Exuberant and light.
Steve and Ola Quickstep I Wanna Be Like You 6,7,6,7,8=34
M 6
8 Swung in rope. Not much quickstep. Threw in some flat footed jive or charleston.
Frankie and Kevin Paso Doble America 8,9,10,9,9=45
M 9
1 Brilliant. Great timing, attitude and musicality.
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* Scores : 5 numbers showing the scores from Craig, Darcey, Donny, Len and Bruno in order with total. The next number shown as M is my score.
Strictly at the movies.
Nice dresses ladies.
Great opening number ” There’s No Business Like Show Business” . Some people don’t like the theme weeks, but as long as there aren’t too many, I think they’re fun.


Dance of the Week
Frankie and Kevin’s Paso Doble to “America” from West Side Story

Dress of the week

Sunetra and Brendan

I nearly chose pro Natalie Lowe again this week, as I loved her 1920s flapper dress for the Charleston, but I decided to go with Sunetra’s beautiful red “Ginger Rogers” inspired dress for her and Brendan’s American Smooth. No flying feathers though!

Super and Puntastic Claudia
Claudia has a great sense of humour and this week’ s movie theme brought out some funny visual gags and some great cringeworthy puns, the best being:
For Jake’s Godfather we had:
If you don’t want to see Jake sleep with the fishes
For Jennifer’s Abba Mamma Mia we had:
You know “The Name of the Game”, if you thought Jennifer was a “Supertrouper” then don’t let this be her “Waterloo”, “Ring, Ring”.
“Take a Chance” on this “Dancing Queen”. Don’t send out an “S.O.S” because “The Winner Takes It All”.
Followed by Tess “Oh, and Dave Arch, “Thankyou for the Music”!
For Scott’s “Under the Sea” routine dressed as a crab we had:
Please don’t be koi. They wanna keep their plaice! You can mullet over till the lines open at the end of the show. It would be shellfish not to!
For Thom, who was dressed as a sailor
If Thom and Iveta’s maiden voyage had you shouting “Ahoy”, then it’s all hands on deck to cast away your votes.
Jake and Janette danced to the theme from the Godfather.
Claudia and “the best we could get at short notice” horse’s head!
Mark and Karen danced a Paso Doble to The Superman theme.
Claudia and her cardboard superman pants on her dress!


Most Inappropriate Music of the Week
Jennifer and Tristan’s foxtrot to Mamma Mia by Abba. Yet another song more suited to a Cha Cha. This probably went towards why they didn’t really do a foxtrot, but a theatrical routine instead.


Donny Osmond, Guest Judge
Didn’t really bring anything to the party other than an extra mark.
Seemed a bit all over the shop on the marking front. 9 for Mark! 7 for Alison and 7 for Scott, yes Scott!
Not too sure, but Tess might have ruined a knowing reference or joke from Donny. He started to say “Help Me, Help Me” when referring to what a contestant might be thinking. This was a lyric from Donny’s big hit “Puppy Love” but he got cut off by Tess who said “help indeed”. Whoops Tess!
The Results Show
The show kicked off with a pro dance to “Step in time” from Mary Poppins, with Natalie Lowe flying in as Mary Poppins and Kevin as Cockney Yorkshire Bert.
It was a great routine and they danced around chimney pots and with sweeping brushes.
Another great Claudia moment, as she held a chimney brush and had extremely “sooty” eyes. “Just touching up the eye makeup”!!
Donny Osmond
Sang “Moon River” from his latest album. He sang live. He’s still got a good voice and it was pleasant enough, but you can tell Christmas is coming when every ‘MOR’ singer releases a covers/songs from the movies/American songbook album!
Anton and Joanne “from Grimsby” did a lovely dance. Rather a shame that the lift at the end was interrupted by the cameraman concentrating on Donny’s face rather than showing Joanne and Anton. We saw the start and the end of the move, but for all we know Anton could have just spun her round like a Catherine wheel!
Loved Joanne’s dress. Yep it’s pink, I like pink! I’m still not used to seeing Anton dance with another woman though. I miss Erin Boag who left after the 2012 series to have a baby.


The One Two That Got Away
Plenty of couples got away with it this week, but Scott and Joanne had a narrow escape this week. The samba was non-existent.


Right Couples in Dance Off?
No. Purely on dance ability (inability) it should have been Tim and Scott. However, I can see why this happened. If you’re not good at dancing, you need to be entertaining, or so bad that people can’t wait to see to you make a mess of the next dance. Being o.k. is the kiss of death. This consigned Jennifer and Simon to the dance off. Simon suffered the fate of the celebrity male rumba. The rumba has been the downfall of many male contestants.
The judges all chose to save Simon, as I would have too.
Random Comments
  • Tess and Claudia escorted downstairs two weeks in a row now
  • I’m liking Tess presenting from various locations when introducing the couples, i.e. sat next to a judge, in audience.
  • Preferred Claudia’s black dress in the main show over her red jump suit.
  • Celebs in audience spot: Nick Grimshaw (Radio 1) for Scott, Denise van Outen (ex-finalist) and Duncan James fellow Blue band member for Simon.
  • Funny when Thom thanked Bill Deamer and his assistant Kai for the choreography, and Claudia said “aww” then “whoever they are”! Bill Deamer is a renowned multi-award winning choreographer who worked on Strictly’s big show numbers!
  • Loved Darcey’s outfit (below). A beautiful glittery lilac mini skirt with gorgeous cream coat.
  • Loving the chemistry between Tess and Claudia. The show seems more relaxed with them. Resist any calls to change this combo BBC, the girls are doing fine.

Next week

No themes next week, just Tim doing a Paso, Judy doing a tango and Alison a Samba, oh hang on, it IS Halloween week! What on earth will Scott be doing? Oh the horror!


Strictly Weeks 1 and 2

So they’ve had a week’s breather. This week the first celebrity will be voted off. How did they all fare?
Couple Dance Song Scores (see *) Leaderboard Position Comment
Thom and Iveta Waltz
You Raise Me Up
5,6,6,6 = 23 5,7,7,6 = 25
M 6,5
8 Dancing to Strictly champions Mark Ramprakash and Karen Hardy’s memorable salsa music didn’t help me erase their memory. I preferred the waltz.
Jennifer and Tristan Jive
You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman = 18 4,5,5,5 = 19
M 4,5
12 Waltz better than Jive. Jennifer struggled with the faster dance, but at least that is done with now.
Simon and Kristina Jive
Good Golly Miss Molly
6,7,7,7 = 27 5,7,7,7 = 26
M. 6,7
5 Didn’t like their jive as much as (most) of the judges did. Preferred the tango.
Gregg and Aliona Cha Cha Cha
Hot ‘n’ Cold
Hey, Good Lookin’
3,5,5,5 = 18 3,5,5,5 = 18
M 2,3
13 Not very good and crippled with nerves. Probably for the best he went.
Alison and Aljaž Cha Cha Cha
I’m Every Woman
I Just Wanna Make Love To You
6,6,7,7 = 26 5,5,6,6 = 22
M. 5,6
9 The Cha Cha Cha and Foxtrot have been good dances for Alison. She may struggle with some of the others.
Jake and Janette Tango
Mambo No 5
7,7 7,7 = 28 8,9,9,9 = 35
M 7,8
1 Great opening dances. Has he peaked too soon?
Judy and Anton Waltz
Cha Cha Cha
Mull of Kintyre
She’s A Lady
3,4,6,5 = 18 2,5,5,5 = 17
M. 3,2
15 Judy has no timing and no musicality sadly.
Caroline and Pasha Cha Cha Cha
Can You Feel it
6,7,7,7 = 27 7,7,7,8 = 29
M. 7,8
4 Caroline has great musicality, timing and great legs!
Tim and Natalie Cha Cha Cha
Shop Around
When You Wish Upon A Star
3,5,5,5 = 18 5,6,6,6 = 23-
M 3,5
11 better at ballroom. The Waltz was charming.
Sunetra and Brendan Tango
Cha Cha Cha
Best Case of Lovin’ You (Doctor,Doctor)
Million Dollar Bill
5,6,6,7 = 24 6,6,7,7 = 26
M 6,7
7 Better than she thinks she is. Nerves are a big issue.
Mark and Karen Cha Cha Cha
American Smooth
I’m Your Man
I’m Yours
5,7,6,6 = 24 6,7,7,7 = 27
M 6,6
6 American Smooth lacked wow factor.
Scott and Joanne Cha Cha Cha
Rock DJ
2,4,5,5 = 16 4,5,6,5 = 20
M 2,4
14 Cha Cha Cha was terrible, but the Tango was slightly better.
Pixie and Trent Jive
Shake It Off
Come Away With Me
7,6,7,7 = 27 8,9,9,9 = 35
M 7,7
2 Both good dances. Pixie seems good at both Latin and ballroom.
Steve and Ola Tango
Cha Cha Cha
Born To Be Wild
6,6,7,7 = 26 3,6,6,6 = 21
M 6,5
10 Slightly better in the ballroom than Latin. Not remarkably bad or good at the moment.
Frankie and Kevin Waltz
Someone Like You
Happy Days
7,7,8,8 = 30 7,7,8,8 = 30
M 7,7
3 slightly saccharine waltz but nicely done. Charleston o.k.and energetic but inappropriate music didn’t help.
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* Scores: 4 numbers showing the scores from Craig, Darcey,Len and Bruno in order with total. The next number shown as M is my score. Two scores this week)
Dance of the Week
Jake and Janette’s Salsa. It may not have been the most technical dance ever, but it was the most frenetic I can remember seeing on the programme in years! The band seemed to be playing both the fast older version of Mambo No 5 (by Perez Prado) and using the lyrics to Lou Bega’s version, which is slightly slower. The result was a bit odd, but Jake and Janette threw everything at it, including some dangerous neck lifts. The last time I saw something like that was the salsa by Matt Di Angelo and Flavia in 2007. Matt and Flavia’s was more controlled and technically miles better, but Jake and Janette’s salsa was undoubtedly a crowd pleaser and got Darcey,Bruno and the audience on their feet to applaud. This dance has made them the couple to watch. In conversation with Claudia, Jake did confess to worrying about how to top this! If they get to the final, they may need an ambulance on standby after their freestyle dance!


Dress of the Week
Natalie and Tim

Natalie and Tim

Pro Natalie’s gorgeous white dress for her and Tim’s waltz to “When You Wish Upon a Star”. Natalie is a beautiful woman and she looked every inch the fairytale princess in this dress.

Most Inappropriate Music of the Week
Scott and Joanne doing a Tango to Stop by The Spice Girls. “Stop” indeed! The guy is having enough trouble as it is without saddling him with something which isn’t a tango. The music is really important to help get the rhythm and style of the dance, and for a beginner this is crucial. This music was more suited to a Cha Cha Cha.
Dishonourable mention to the Happy Days theme tune being used for a Charleston. The Charleston fusion with Lindy Hop didn’t work for me.


Results Show
Pretty good. The professional dancers dance to Frozen was excellent and the singer did a good job on what seems like a difficult song (I’m no expert!) . The costumes, lighting and effects were very good too. Loved the icicle effects!
Jamie Cullum and Gregory Porter sang their new single collaboration, Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood. I’m not the greatest fan of either of these two but they sang it well and were singing live. I enjoyed it. Aljaž and Iveta did a tango style rumba fusion dance which was very good. Iveta’s black cut away dress was striking and showed off her stunning figure.


The One Two That Got Away
Judy and Anton. I think he was happier than she was TBH! She really is a stiff as a racquet. I don’t know what dance they’re doing in Movie Week next week. The best they can hope for is a slow ballroom dance so that they can have a long intro and outro involving drinking tea or some play acting with very little dancing. I thought they’d never let go of their towel this week! Loved Claudia’s comment “That’s no way to talk about Anton” when Judy referred to the “wooden racquet” she used! She was joking (yeah right!).
Please let’s not have any Scottish or tennis references next week. It’s movie week so I hope the production team haven’t found the soundtrack to musical Brigadoon or rom-com Wimbledon!


Awkward Moment
Tess asked Gregg what he would miss about Strictly, and he said the practice sessions. He was terrified of the live shows. Tess noticeably didn’t ask Aliona if she’d like to say anything. She not said much but have that fixed smile since the launch. When they didn’t appear at the start of It Takes Two on Monday I wondered if they would be on, but it now seems that the eliminated couple will appear last on the show so that they can turn their light off on the picture board. I doubt Aliona will be back next year. She’s been a winner with Harry Judd and a runner-up with Matt Baker so she’s now had two first week eliminations in a row. I think it could be “taxi for Aliona”.


Right Couples in Dance Off?
Should have been Gregg and Judy for me, with Gregg leaving, not Gregg and Jennifer.
Unsurprisingly all judges voted to keep Jennifer in the competition.


The Runners and Riders
Out in front: Frankie,Pixie,Caroline,Jake,Simon
Could come up on the Rails: Sunetra,Thom
In the pack: Alison, Mark,Steve
Likely to fall: Scott,Judy,Jennifer and Tim, but I think Tim will be last to trip up.


Glitterball prediction
Jake and Janette to lift the trophy, unless they collapse due to sheer exhaustion before the final! This week’s salsa showed that Jake has the ability and sheer chutzpah and chemistry with Janette to win. Can he also add charm and flair to the more refined ballroom dances? We shall see.
As for the other finalists, I am tipping Caroline and Frankie ahead of the others. They both have the talent, but have the advantage of being paired with popular pros (Pasha and Kevin) which is why I’ve put them in the final ahead of the others.


Random Comments
  • They can’t seem to decide whether Tess and Claudia should come down the stairs on their own or be escorted. Either way, they can’t get to centre stage in time by the end of the introduction music!
  • Nice that Tess has continued her tradition of introducing the singers as well as Dave Arch.
  • So the judges are twirling onto the dance floor now instead of sitting at the table? Could get irritating!
  • I prefer Claudia with the fringe and black eyeliner. Glad they returned this week.
  • Loved Claudia’s cream glitter short dress this week.
  • Bruce who?!
So Movie Week next week. This could be more scary than Halloween week in a few weeks!

Strictly new presenter announced

And, drum roll please. It’s

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Bruce Forsyth steps down from Strictly

The BBC have just announced that Bruce Forsyth is to step down as host of Strictly Come Dancing after a decade.

I’m not surprised to be honest. Forsyth had been taking a week off here and there in previous series and didn’t do the Results show.

He is an entertainment legend and it’s best to go whilst at the top.

The question now is whether the pairing of Tess Daly and Claudia Winkleman will become permanent or whether the BBC feel the need to get a ‘name’ to take Bruce’s place.

I think Claudia did a great job when Bruce was away and I love her quirky humour.

I’d like to see her and Tess given the job permanently.


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