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Comedy playhouse: Over to Bill, Miller’s Mountain and Monks

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Well Comedy Playhouse has finished its run of potential sitcoms, so the question is, are any of them worth a full series?

Well if it was up to me, one would be commissioned, so which one?

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New Comedy Playhouse series

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In the 60s and 70s the BBC had a series called Comedy Playhouse which aired a number of one-off comedy plays. A number of well known sitcoms started life in this way and were commissioned as series. Notable sitcoms which began this way were Steptoe and Son, The Liver Birds, Last of the Summer Wine, Till Death Us Do Part and Are You Being Served.

The BBC have resurrected this idea, and a new run of 3 potential comedy series pilots will be shown starting at 10:35pm on Tuesday with a comedy starring Outnumbered and Mock the Week’s Hugh Dennis (pictured) as a TV weatherman called Bill in ‘Over to Bill’. It also stars Men Behaving Badly star Neil Morrissey and Call the Midwife’s Helen George.

After the disastrous The Wright Way, I’m glad to see the comedy playhouse idea brought back, as a series of one off plays don’t carry the same pressure as a series.
I hope that Over to Bill does well as it is written by Red Dwarf’s Doug Naylor, and the cast is good, but that guarantees nothing.

There is a programme directly afterwards about the original Comedy Playhouse series so we should be guaranteed some classic comedy clips.

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