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The Apprentice 2017 – The Final

The show has finished now but I am catching up

Sky Garden


The finalists meet inside Sky Garden

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The Apprentice 2017 – Week 11

The show has finished now, but I am still catching up on past weeks.


The candidates meet Lord Sugar at The Crosspoint building which is one of Lord Sugar’s recent investments.


The Crosspoint building

The candidates hand their business plans to Karren and Claude for passing to the interviewers.

The final five

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The Apprentice 2017- Week 10

 The show has finished now but I’m still catching up on past weeks.

Somerset House

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The Apprentice 2017 – Week 9

The programme has finished now but I am still catching up with past weeks

Borough market

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The Apprentice 2017 – Week 8

 The show has finished now but I’m still catching up on past weeks.

Week 8

8am. The candidates have a caller at the house.

Lord Sugar arrives at the house

Lord Sugar asks Jade, who answers the door, to gather the candidates together. They are all stood together in their nightwear!

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The Apprentice 2017 – Week 6

Cruise ship Britannia

Lord Sugar appears on screen

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The Apprentice 2017 – Week 5

Northwold primary school

Inside Northwold primary school

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The Apprentice 2017 – Week 4


Wembley stadium

The candidates walk past Bobby Moore

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The Apprentice 2017 – Week 3

Week 3

The candidates are asked to meet Lord Sugar at the London design museum

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The Apprentice 2017 – Week 2

  Week 2

Stoke Park Mansion House

After the rather mundane burger task last week we have a task set in the beautiful Stoke Park Mansion house and golf course where the famous first meeting between Goldfinger and Bond occurred in the film. 

Lord Sugar arrived by helicopter as the TV soundtrack played the Goldfinger theme!

The candidates get their task

The task


The task is to redesign a hotel room to a luxury standard and give it a theme worthy of a premium price charge. Each team is given a room each to redesign and a budget of £13,000.
When it comes to deciding project managers, Ross says he’s used to dealing with designers but isn’t a designer and wants to be sub-team leader.  The others have other ideas, especially Jeff who pushes Ross to be PM. Jeff doesn’t want to be the numbers guy and wants to be on the creative sub-team. “How many bankers do you know who can break dance?” says Jeff! Ross takes control and is happy with it all and when they’ve finished says “do you guys want to touch each other, high five?” to his bemused team!
The girls choose Bushra unopposed. Sarah Jayne is unhappy though who says to camera that Bushra has stitched her up by putting her in the sub-team with the “rowdy lot”! 


The girls design sub-team of Sarah Jayne, Michaela, Siobhan and Elizabeth remain at the hotel to measure their room. Sarah Jayne asks Siobhan to do the measurements with her but Elizabeth already has the tape measure out and is measuring. When Sarah Jayne asks Elizabeth if she is doing measurements she replies that she wants to do some measurements! “i’ve done that wall” says Michaela, “I’ll just check it again” says Elizabeth! Michaela says to camera that Elizabeth lives on another planet!  “is there anything else you’d like me to measure?” asks Elizabeth. “As long as you’ve measured everything, no” says Sarah. “Have you measured the doors?” asks Michaela, “umm, one second” says Elizabeth and goes to measure them. They suppress laughter as does observer Claude Littner who hides his grins behind his clipboard!


Meanwhile the boys hotel design team lead by James are doing their own measuring with less trouble and working out where to put standard hotel room furniture. Elliot points out that yellow is on most walls in the hotel and that “yellow” should be passed onto the other team. The other team, meanwhile are thinking of a theme for a room. Jeff suggests a theme based on a celebrity, such as Elton John or Tim Henman. Ross kiboshes the idea immediately and they end up choosing “best of British” as a theme. Elliot emphasises that yellow is in every room in the hotel.


The girls try to think of their theme, and after dismissing food, come up with sport then Project manager Bushra narrow it to golf. The  design sub team ask what sort of things to get and Busha just limits it to £5000 spend without saying what to get, other than not to get golf clubs. Sarah Jayne is annoyed with Bushra saying that she’s left them to make a decision so that if it goes wrong there’s someone to blame! Siobhan sings “Let it Go”!


The boys decide on their colour scheme as red, blue and yellow! They create a “Best of British” travel themed “mood board” putting on it the theme for their room. Jeff looks at the board with Big Ben, Olympic rings and some colour swatches, a picture of a tennis ball, a feather and other random stuff, and says he doesn’t see the travel element. The boys say that a Chinese tourist would see those as travel. Jeff says he’s the only one who was a Chinese tourist! Sajan asks the boys if they are happy with the mood board and most say yes except for Jeff! 

Ross, Charles and Sajan take their mood board to a designer who is supposed to create designer wallpaper based on it. Charles scribbles a “skyline”  which he says could be used directly. “Take it, use and if you feel you need to strip out some of the detail just do ithat please”. This “skyline” of his is the most basic circle and a couple of rectangles one could draw! 

Meanwhile the girls are still struggling with their mood board. “I want the story to move across the board” says Bushra ” and the story is?” questions one of the others. “Um, let’s just get it down” says Bushra!

The boys go and get some luxury furniture for their room and negotiate £10,725. The girls have been told by Bushra to keep to £5000 and Elizabeth is in charge of keeping them in budget which they do after some negotiation. The other girls subteam come up with some wallpaper based on a golf ball enlarged out to look like abstract art. The boys design sub team are running out of time and with two minutes to go end up asking the designer to freehand draw Tower Bridge next to a picture of a suitcase!


The next day the teams have 6 hours to design their rooms before pitching their ideas to the hotel management and an industry expert. The boys have bright red, yellow and blue and one comments that it looks like someone has “puked rainbow”! 

On the other boys sub team, they are looking for statement pieces and Jeff points to a cheap looking statue of a Grenadier guard says “this to me screams British”. “Totally agree, I would also scream no, I think it’s disgusting” says Ross! Sajan gets a set of suitcases for £600 down to £400.

Meanwhile Bushra and her team have just bought some golf clubs. The other sub-team take delivery of their abstract wallpaper and start papering. Elizabeth’s measurements have gone awry however and they need to cut it from one end. “I measured it how I measured it” says Elizabeth, “wrong” says Michaela.

“What is that?” say the painting boys sub-team on seeing the freehand drawn paper designed by their other sub-team!

The sub-teams reunite to look at their respective rooms. The boys are happy with theirs. The girls buying team unveil their statement piece of the golf clubs  to a less than enthusiastic painting sub-team. “you’re taking the p***” says Michaela!


The teams get on with finishing their rooms and getting in place. The girls room is a hub-bub of noise and Claude the observer looks like he’d rather be anywhere except there! 


Finally, a hotel manager and a design specialist go and view the rooms on their own and check them out for practicality and design. In the girls room, they are not sure of the theme until they see the golf clubs. They notice that you can’t look at yourself full length in the mirror without standing on the sofa! In the boys room they say the theme is London and travel and that the suitcases are interesting but not practical. “Eclectic” is the verdict.


The boys pitch their idea to the hotel management, saying they wanted to emphasise the Britishness and travel. Sajan says they wanted to say welcome to the home of Britain so as yellow was in the hotel they made the room red, blue and yellow!
Sajan hands over to Jeff who states their budget and what they spent on furnishing. Ross jumps in saying the plan wasn’t to let them know what the furnishings cost because they needed to account for their time and talent! Jeff says they aim to charge £750 for the room and they should break even in two months. The hotel reps comment on the chairs not being luxurious enough and the table is too low to eat from. Sajan says people shouldn’t be eating in the rooms and the hotel guy says that if you pay £750 then you shouldn’t be told what you can and can’t do! The hotel rep says the price is unrealistic as they have suites for that. They don’t the theme comes across as British. The boys finish their presentation.


The girls start their pitch with Bushra saying about bringing the guests’ love of golf into the room. The hotel guy comments on the wallpaper not being obviously golf balls until you see the golf balls  in the room. Bushra says that coming into trend are things being visible but not obvious! She says it’s important to follow on trends, to which the hotel guy says you don’t want to renovate when something is no longer on trend. Sarah Jayne takes over saying the table is perfect for room service and the mirror for changing. The hotel guy points out the table is too low and having to stand on the sofa to see yourself in the mirror. They also comment on no chest of drawers, not wanting to put his underwear in the desk!


Presentations over, Michaela comments to camera that they will have to hope the boys have messed up!


The reckoning

Lord Sugar spoke to each team. With the girls he commented on their furniture budget being only £5000 out of £13000. Bushra said the golf clubs were a statement piece and he said is the statement “I give up!”. Joanne said the design was a golf themed room snd Lord Sugar the design was full of holes! He said the room was bare and that West Ham’s trophy room had more in it! He said about the wallpaper that if he slept in that room he’d wake up thinking he was in some bubble wrap! 
Lord Sugar asked if Bushra was a good project manager “I think so” piped up the lone voice of Joanne!


Lord Sugar spoke to Ross the boys’ team leader who said he’d asked Jeff who was the maths guy to be in charge of the numbers and Jeff had said no. Jeff denied this and Karren said that’s what he had said. Jeff he wasn’t just numbers, he has other skills and that the others run businesses and should be numbers guys too. Ross said he’d wanted scarce but quality for the furniture and wanted 20% from that. Karren said they didn’t work out they had to get a fee out of it, which Ross denied.
Lord Sugar said they ran round the furniture store like headless chickens and said the mood board was diabolical.


Vitality (the boys) led by Ross (seated far right)

Graphene (the girls) led by Bushra (seated far left)


The girls team spent £5,675, profit £7,325, %56 profit margin.

The boys team spent £11,495, profit £1,505 %12 profit margin.

Lord Sugar said that the hotel manager and designer didn’t think either room was great and left it up to him, so Lord Sugar decided that the ladies had won the task. When they started celebrating he said not to get too excited as it was a case of not that he liked it more but that he hated it less!

Their treat was to go to luxury hotel The Rosewood and have their caricatures drawn by world reknowned cartoonist Gerald Scarfe. 


The boys returned to the boardroom and Lord Sugar said waking up in that room would be like being in the middle of a trifle. As for the suitcases he said you bring them into a room. He poured scorn on the choice of yellow and Karren said Elliot had gone with that who, he said it was throughout the hotel. Lord Sugar said they didn’t like it and he didn’t either.

 Lord Sugar asked about the wallpaper design and Ross started to say they had two minutes to do it, and Lord Sugar said they ran out of time, to which Ross said he was trying to explain, “preferably, not to be rude, but uninterrupted would be really helpful, just so I can get something across” ! Lord Sugar did a surprised look at this point at Ross’s boldness and Harrison sucked in his lips as if to say to Ross “you shouldn’t do that mate”!

James as sub-team leader was asked where it went wrong and if he bought the wrong furniture. He said Jeff didn’t step forward on the numbers and there was no pricing strategy. Jeff got it in the neck for telling the customers their costs and when asked about the price of £750 for the room said it came from the sub team who immediately all denied it in unison! Ross admitted it was him.

Lord Sugar said to Ross that he really didn’t know anything about first class hotels and he said at least he was honest about it! Ross chose to bring back Jeff and James into the boardroom. 


In the firing line


In the firing line, Jeff, Ross and James


Lord Sugar said that Jeff said in his CV that he could deal with any situation and was like a chameleon, and certainly vanished. 

He said to James who bought the furniture for the room that the only way you’d get that a 5 star room would be on “crap adviser”

Asked how he’d contributed to the task he said it was to say what was British from an international point of view. 

Both Jeff and Ross said James had overspent on the furniture.

Lord Sugar flicked about somewhat, saying the furniture was an important part of the task and then saying Ross should have been in the sub team controlling what they spent, but ultimately said he wouldn’t trust him with a hotel in Monopoly and fired Jeff.


Goodbye Jeff


Well Jeff, who can break-dance, don’t you know, got the boot. Jeff’s break dancing abilities couldn’t save him here and he got fired. 

Blurting out the costs in the presentation was a big no-no and being reluctant at the beginning to take on the numbers. 

I think James was fine in this and had bad direction from Ross, who I would have fired. Ross was awful at the design stage leaving them no time to come up with anything decent. He also left his sub-team with no direction.

Goodbye Jeff



 Well it’s early days yet and some candidates are still flying under the radar. Charles, who had a prominent role in last week’s shenanigans was almost invisible. 

How long it is before the girls strangle Elizabeth remains to be seen, but the blunt no-nonsense florist is rubbing them up the wrong way.  If Graphene lose a task, I will not be surprised to see Elizabeth brought back into the firing line!

Regarding the choice of theme for the room, one obvious theme was James Bond considering Goldfinger had been filmed there, yet no-one mentioned it. Was it not allowed, I wonder, or did the teams simply not know or think of it?



Task summary
Week  Task name  Winning team  Back in Boardroom Fired Comments
 1 Burgers Graphene (the girls) Elliott, Danny, Charles Danny Disagree. Would have fired Charles if only for having silly glasses!
 2 Hotel redesign Graphene (the girls) Jeff, Ross, James Jeff  Disagree. Would have fired Ross for lack of leadership.
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