The Apprentice 2017 – Week 6

Cruise ship Britannia

Lord Sugar appears on screen

The task

To plan and execute a tour of Bruges in Belgium. They have to give the clients the best experience because they can ask for their money back if they don’t like it. The winning team is the one who makes the most profit.

The teams are rearranged with Jade, Sarah Jayne and Anisa going to Vitality and Sarah, Sajan and Harrison going to Graphene.

Sarah Jayne puts herself forward as project manager , as does Charles, but no one picks him!

On the other team, Elizabeth is project manager and puts forward modern Bruges for the tour. James thinks historic would be better would if she feels more comfortable with modern then to go with that. They decide to include a Segway activity and a trip to a chocolate factory.

Sarah Jayne decides on a history theme for their tour. Andrew says they need to be careful with it because whoever does the tour needs to be spot on with their facts. Sarah Jayne jumps in and says Anisa would be good with that, much to Anisa’s shock. Sarah Jayne says Anisa can be entertaining and Charles says he can help with the facts and figures. They decide to add on a tram ride and a beer tasting as Andrew has experience of selling various “tastings”. It will be an easy sell he says!

Sarah Jayne works with Charles and Anisa on the tour route. Charles spends ages working out his route using his pen as a guide. Anisa is worried about learning her facts and Sarah Jayne says they’ll help with that once they’ve sorted out the route.

James on Elizabeth’s sub team walks around the ship trying to interest passengers in a Segway tour of Bruges, 2 for £100.

Jade, Michaela and Andrew on Sarah Jayne’s sub team try and interest passengers in a beer tasting historical tour! £2 for £175. He promises there will be plenty of beer “to get you off your head”!

Andrew gets back to Sarah Jayne with the tour price. She tells Anisa that for £87 people want a slick tour. Anisa says there are a lot of facts to learn and Sarah Jayne says they will help after they’ve sorted the route. Anisa says to camera she is not happy. The tickets are expensive and the guests will expect facts and no one is helping.

Sarah Jayne meets with her sub team and determines they have sold 10 tickets for £82.50 each. Sarah Jayne is delighted and swaps herself with Andrew so he can run the beer tasting the following day. 

Elizabeth meets her sub team, who say they sold all (16) tickets , £50 for all except the last two which were £40 each. It becomes apparent that the sub team have sold the whole tour to be on Segways whereas Elizabeth’s sub team have planned only part of it on Segways. James says they’ll manage expectations.

Come the following day and the teams have to run their tours…

The following day Elizabeth greets her tour guests in typical fashion “Come on over, let’s have you!”. “Now is everybody watered and been to the loo?”
She says to camera she is most concerned with timing as she needs to get them to the chocolate shop and the Segway.

Andrew greets his guests on their tour. He jokes that a horse and cart will be best after the beer tasting and they need to get them back to ship on time because they can’t afford the flights!
Charles tries to find St John’s hospital which is a point of interest on their tour. Up and down the tour goes with Charles trying to find a way in. Meanwhile the other half of the team, Sarah Jayne, Jade and Michaela negotiate some discounts for the beer testing. Sarah Jayne gets a discount for the taster and Michaela gets an additional deal for two bottles to take away.

James and Joanna on Elizabeth’s sub team negotiate a discount on chocolates at the chocolate shop on their tour.
Elizabeth meanwhile is still concerned with timing as Bushra invites their guests to stop and take selfies in the most photographed part of Bruges.  Observer Claude says that Elizabeth is running the tour like a school trip and sucking all the fun out of it!

Meanwhile Charles still cannot find the entrance to the hospital and Anisa is having trouble with her facts. They do another circuit and Andrew says he’s getting deja vü. Charles says they aren’t lost. He just cannot find the entry point he was looking for! After some tramping about the city Andrew takes the group for some beer tasting. He says they deserve it after the tour! The guests get to taste three beers which they don’t seem that enamoured with. 90 minutes before the ship departs, the guests embark on their horse drawn tram around the city. “If you’re giving out information, we can’t hear it at the back” says observer Karren. “We’re not” says Charles “We’re trying to find the next point of interest”! Charles finds out it will take too long to get to the next place, so they curtail it. Andrew tells them the tour is finished “So, erm, yeah” and they’ll get them back to the boat!

On Elizabeth’s tour they get to the square and Harrison tells the guests “The way they’ve mixed in new buildings with the old, is literally ingenious. If you look around there’s people everywhere, literally”. Elizabeth rushes them into the chocolate shop for a brief demo, and short time to purchase chocolates, which her team get 5% commission on.  The guests finally get to go on their Segways, but for about 10 minutes before heading back to the ship.

Elizabeth’s sub team pop into a shop to look at buying mid-price souvenirs to sell back on the ship.
The other team have the same task and Sarah Jayne looks at budget keyrings. They get 50 for €2 each.

On returning to the ship Andrew’s tour team meet the sales team who are putting out the souvenirs. “Any complaints? Everybody happy?”  ask the sales team, “yeah” says the tour team. The sales team they have keyrings for £6

Elizabeth’s souvenir team have wash bags and Bruges design handbags.
Both teams do a last minute push for sales before the end of the day.

Back in the boardroom 

Vitality led by Sarah Jayne (seated far right)


Asked about being the PM, Sarah Jayne said she felt she needed to put herself forward. Lord Sugar said that Charles had also put himself forward and had the record for this. “Always the bridesmaid, never the bride” said Karren! Sarah Jayne said their theme was history and Lord Sugar said they’d visited a nunnery, a church and a hospital. The theme should have been “four weddings and a funeral!” he joked. Karren said that Andrew was rather laddish and Charles had been overheard telling the horse tram driver to hurry up!

Graphene led by Elizabeth (seated far left)

Lord Sugar asked Elizabeth about the modern theme and asked whose idea it was for the chocolate testing. She said it was a group decision but Lord Sugar said he’d heard it was Harrison’s idea. Harrison admitted to it being his idea and Lord Sugar told him not to panic as it was a good idea! Lord Sugar asked who was in the planning group and Elizabeth said herself, Joanne, Sajan and Harrison. Lord Sugar said he’d heard she planned it like a military exercise. Elizabeth said there was a lot to get their heads around. He said it could have been called “her reign of terror” and you don’t normally see that kind of forceful leadership outside of North Korea!

He said that he heard there was no communication between the sales and planning team, so the sales team sold it as a Segway tour for the whole time when it wasn’t. James said he’d just wanted to crack on selling. They discussed the chocolates and James sais he hadn’t wanted to pay for them but Sarah negotiated a cut of the sales. As to the tour itself Lord Sugar said it sounded like instead of chocolates they should have been wrapped in silver and given a Mars bar as they’d done a marathon! He asked if Elizabeth sold wreaths in her florist shop! “I do, actually, quite a lot” smiled Elizabeth!

Graphene – Total spend £180.54.  Sales income on tickets and souvenirs £1,139.60. Refunds £156 “not enough Segway”. Overall profit – £803.06

Vitality – Total spend £167.64. Sales income on tickets and souvenirs £993.  Refunds £165 “poorly planned and boring”. Overall profit  – £660.36


Win for Graphene. Their treat was punting in Cambridge.

Lord Sugar said that Vitality’s customers said it was boring and that they felt the beer tasting was disappointing. Charles said it was a history tour with a beer tasting. Karren said that Andrew had pushed the beer element. Lord Sugar to Sarah Jayne said that the other team negotiated a commission if the guests bought chocolates and said this was very clever and that it never crossed their mind to do that. Moving on to the tour part, he said that Andrew has said they were getting a trained tour guide. Anisa said she wasn’t and Andrew she should train herself. Lord Sugar asked if Anisa was short for anaesthetist and she said she wasn’t happy with herself on the tour, but basically felt like she was set up to fail. He said Charles was wandering about for three hours and Andrew was joking about it in front of the customers saying “aha, we’re lost”. Andrew said he was trying to make light of a bad situation, but Lord Sugar said the process was a business process not a holiday camp. He said the horse and tram was another mess and that “us Cockneys would have referred to it as a load of pony and trap”!

Lord Sugar said the other team won because of their souvenirs and took a risk. He asked Sarah Jayne who she was bringing back into the boardroom and she said Andrew and Charles.


In the firing line

Andrew, Sarah Jayne and Charles

Lord Sugar said Sarah Jayne’s CV said she was the definition of a girl boss and got things done. Sarah asked if he wanted her to explain this he said he wanted her to implement it on the task! She said she put Anisa in charge of facts and couldn’t be there holding her hand. Charles said it was obvious after 20 minutes that Anisa was struggling with the facts and figures. Lord Sugar said she’d told Anisa she wouldn’t be on her own. Sarah said she’d said Charles would help you. Charles said she wasn’t going to pin this on him. Andrew said Charles had one job and he got them lost. Charles reposted with Andrew was supposed to be entertaining and they found it boring. Sarah said a huge part of the task was promising the beer and not delivering it.

Lord Sugar said Sarah Jayne had appointed herself project manager to prove herself to him and she hadn’t. He said Charles was like “Mr Hindsight” always saying what should have been done but not doing anything right. He said his CV says he’s a great business,an but hasn’t seen any of that. He said had told Andrew about his attitude before and he couldn’t see him being his business partner. 

He said Sarah Jayne had moved herself into a convenient place and had been in a convenient place for the six week and fired her.

He sent Charles back to the house telling him no more “Mr commentator”.  He asked Andrew why he shouldn’t fire him and Andrew pleaded his case. Lord Sugar said “last chance was an understatement” and sent him back to the house.


Goodbye Sarah Jane

Goodbye Sarah Jayne

 I also would have fired Sarah Jayne. Without checking anyone’s skill set she just picked Anisa out of the blue to learn facts about Bruges. Anisa made it very clear she wasn’t good at learning facts and all Sarah did was say they’d help her and they did no such thing. Like Anisa said she felt she was being set up to fail. I think Sarah thought she’d put Anisa in the firing line. She then moved herself into the sales team putting Andrew in charge. A very strategic move, leaving Andrew, Charles and Anisa to flounder. Luckily Lord Sugar saw through it and fired her.

Although Sarah Jane should have been fired, I think Charles did a terrible job in planning the route and should have been fired too. If they hadn’t got lost and the guest had seen some sights they would have more time at the end of the tour on the horse tram and probably would have enjoyed the whole tour better. Andrew did over sell the beer and was immature. Perhaps he did deserve another chance but like Lord Sugar I’m struggling with Andrew.

 Well those were two shambolic tours! On Vitality’s tour you wandered about aimlessly for over three hours, with no facts about Bruges, got a couple of beers and a pointless curtailed horse tram trip. On Graphene’s you got to relive your school days on a school trip and be hurried from one place to another, get hustled into buying chocolates and then have a speedy trip on a Segway!

If do wonder about how they got people on these tours. If you really wanted to see Bruges and only had one day off a cruise ship would you risk going on these instead of the official tours? My only thought is it was obviously for “The Apprentice” so you got to be in the programme, see Karren or Claude, and could get a refund if you didn’t like it! Maybe this was for those who had already been to Bruges and wasn’t bothered about the usual sightseeing!


Task summary
Week  Task name Winning team  Back in Boardroom Fired Comments
 1 Burgers Graphene (the girls) Elliott, Danny, Charles Danny Disagree. Would have fired Charles if only for having silly glasses!
 2 Hotel redesign Graphene (the girls) Jeff, Ross, James Jeff  Disagree. Would have fired Ross for lack of leadership.
 3 Robots Graphene (the girls) Harrison, Michaela, Elliot Elliot Disagree. Would have fired Michaela
 4 Stadium
Vitality (the boys plus Michaela and Sarah) Elizabeth, Siobhan, Joanne Siobhan  Agree, based on who was available.
 5 Lord Sugar’s birthday Graphene (the girls, minus Michaela and Sarah, plus James) Ross, Sajan, Harrison  Ross Disagree. Difficult one as they were all bad but probably would have fired Sajan for lack of planning.
 6 Bruges tour  Graphene Andrew, Sarah Jayne, Charles   Sarah Jayne Agree, but would have also fired Charles a shambolic performance.

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