The Apprentice 2017 – Week 4


Wembley stadium

The candidates walk past Bobby Moore

 The task

Lord Sugar tells the candidates that the football industry is worth £4 billion a year in the UK alone and a growing part of that industry is womens’ football. The following the womens FA cup final is to be held there and they are to lay on a VIP hospitality box. Lord Sugar has arranged a client for each team but it is up to them to negotiate a price and the client can demand a refund if they don’t like the experience. The teams have to come up with food, drinks and entertainment for 14 guests.

They are also to run a match day store outside the ground.

The team with the most profit wins.

Lord Sugar says Vitality have lost 3 times so to choose which lady from Graphene they want to join them. They choose Sarah.


Project managers to decide, Siobhan puts herself forward for the girls. She says she doesn’t know anything football but she is a wedding planner. No one else puts themselves forward. Her first decision is to choose an entertainer from a selection, she asks her team and no-one puts forward an opinion, they just ask her to choose! Already here it’s looking that the other girls are looking to cover their backs and say Siobhan made all the decisions! She chooses a singer.

On the other team, they have to choice an entertainer too. Sarah suggests they save money and get Harrison to sing. Harrison is rather surprised but the others say they’ve heard him in the shower and he’s good. They decide to audition the magician just to see if he has the wow factor. They discuss the sort of price thay can get for a VIP box. Michaela says it’s the FA cup final, but Andrews says it isn’t the mens final though and they can’t justify too high a price. Michaela says football is football though!

The girls team decide to go with a more premier experience with champagne reception and high end food.

The teams split into two, one to meet with the clients and the other to determine the food choices at the stadium. The boys sub-team at the stadium enjoy testing out the fillet of beef and polish off the samples. They are also shown sushi but Andrew decides that’s more of a London fashion. The chef says they need the the order by the end of the day.

Meanwhile Siobhan look at a choice of sandwiches or a halibut meal and decide to go for the latter. They look over the wine list and Siobhan, who is an event manager puts Bushra, who doesn’t drink, in charge of wine. Siobhan says it’s just about numbers, but Bushra has to ask how many glasses you get out of a bottle!

Meanwhile, Elizabeth, Joanne and Sarah Jayne are on the way to the clients, but stop off to ask Siobhan for a rough idea of the cost of the food and drink. The sub-team all talk at once and get varying prices. Elizabeth asks for more info but they say not to leave the client waiting and ring off!

Team Vitality also look at costs and Sajan, head of their sub-team are told by Andrew not to go lower than £325 per person, that includes a champagne on arrival, 3 canapes and half a bottle of wine with dinner. They visit their clients and quote £6,400 which their clients scoff at! Ross drops to £4,800 but they’re told it isn’t in the ballpark and £150 a head is what they’d expect. The client says they’ll accept £2500. Sajan informs Andrew on the other sub-team who isn’t happy and says the entertainment probably won’t be available at that price.

Elizabeth’s sub-team meet their clients who aren’t happy with a singer and want all drinks included in the price. Sarah Jayne basically offers, champagne, canapes, main course and drinks all the way through. Elizabeth offers £350 a head, which the client isn’t happy with. They have a budget between £2000 and £2500. Elizabeth offers a cold buffet and the client says they’re unlikely take a box. Elizabeth agrees to give them something special for £2500 saying they won’t have a dry day. Siobhan has to decide how much wine to order. She says 21 bottles, and Bushra says disbelievingly 8 glasses of wine each? That seems a lot!

Andrew’s sub-team audition a magician for the entertainment. He’s good but he wants £750 for half an hour, with only £50 negotiation. They only want to spend £400 so they rope in team mate Harrison to sing for them!

The following day the teams go go Wembley stadium. One half will do the corporate box and the ther half sell goods at a stall outside the stadium. On team Graphene Jade has been put onto sales, which has annoyed Joanne who says she is good too. On team Vitality, Andrew has annoyed Michaela by putting Sarah into the corporate box because “she keeps herself well”.

In Graphene’s corporate box, Bushra is learning some football facts to regale the guests with. PM Siobhan isn’t hearing Bushra rehearse because she is distracted by the aroma of the wine as she pours it out!

Over in the kitchens, Vitality discuss their bargain basement food options. Andrew has ordered 7 canapes between 14 guests. Observer Karren asks “are you going to cut them in half?!”. He says they have nibbles as well! Karren says to camera that the clients will be in the box for about 6 hours and they’ve got 1 bottle of white wine, 6 bottles of red, 3 bottles of champagne, that’s not going to last 6 hours.

Out on the concourse, Elizabeth’s sub team of try and sell candyfloss, one portion for £4, two for £7. Joanne says it’s two expensive so Elizabeth says she’ll have a go, and tells Sarah Jane to stop eating the product. Jade offers to make the candy floss while the others try and sell but Liz is adamant that Jade sells. The other two are clearly jealous.

Andrew’s team are entertaining but are already running low on booze and the pregnant guest has been given a champagne glass of tap water. One of the guests has to give her some non alcoholic drink from her bag. They have go out to a bar on the concourse and restock.

On Siobhan’s team, Bushra regales the clients with some facts and asks if they know Geoff Hurst and that England won the World Cup in 1966?! This is greeted by bemused smiles! However, the unlimited wine is making them very happy!

Andrew’s team have to go to the concourse bar again for more wine and some soft drinks. He explains to one client about the vegetarian option of a “cold canning” potato cake, “no, colcannon” says a client!

When their meal is over, Harrison comes on to sing “My Way” to a karaoke machine accompaniment. The guests join in at the end, but that was the booze talking!

With the match time approaching the outside sellers make a concerted effort. Elizabeth lets Joanne and Sarah Jayne sell. “Two minutes to shine” says Joanne sarcastically.


Back in the boardroom


Vitality led by Andrew (seated far right)

Graphene led by Siobhan (seated far left)


Lord Sugar discussed the task. He said to Sarah who had been moved to team Vitality from Graphene that she must have felt like she had been lifted out of a war zone! She replied she was quite happy!

Lord Sugar mentioned that Andrew had said he didn’t rate women’s football, which he said he thought this might come up! Lord Sugar said he’d been whipped by the girls team for three weeks!

Graphene – candy floss team profit  £352.80, corporate box team, £631.56, no refunds, total £984.36

Vitality – pop corn team profit 222.50 , corporate box team profit  £993.20, no refunds, total £1215.70

Winner team Vitality for the time. Their treat was to have a session with world famous cricketer Kevin Pietersen at the Oval Ground.

Siobhan chose to bring back Elizabeth and Joanne because of the original price negotiations.


In the firing line

Elizabeth, Siobhan and Joanne

Lord Sugar said that Siobhan is an weddings event manager so should know how to do this. He said that Elizabeth’s sub team were talking to the client like they had Abramovitch’s Express card! Elizabeth said she felt that the other two ladies didn’t have a concept of what they had to sell. Joanne said they were clear in their roles and that Elizabeth had said she would do the negotiation. Liz said that Jo let the client lead her and put her into a corner. Lord Sugar said that Liz was supposed to be good with figures but Liz said she went into the meeting blind and Bushra didn’t give her the information.

Lord Sugar said there was so many arguments, when he said “a box at Wembley” he didn’t mean a fist fight!

He said Siobhan made fundamental errors that an event manager would not make. To Elizabeth he said she should have phoned the other team back for costs. To Joanna he says she is very argumentative and he hasn’t heard her compliment anyone on anything.

At this point Lord Sugar says he believes the failure of the task was down to the client negotiation and that Elizabeth has made it difficult  for him. Elizabeth asks to speak at this point and is told no.

However to Siobhan he says that not having a strategy when it is your area of expertise is bad and that over ordering is a crime as far as he is concerned and on that basis he regrets to say you’re fired.

He tells Joanne she will be PM on the next task.


Goodbye Siobhan

In the taxi, Siobhan said that a thankyou often means more than money to her.  I think that was key to this really and I sympathise with her on this. For a one off task, perhaps being stingy might work, but if you’re running an events business and want word of mouth recommendation then satisfied clients is what you want. I think Siobhan’s clients had a much better time than Andrew’s.

I’m amazed that Andrew’s team didn’t have to provide refunds. They ran out of booze, they had one canape between two, the nibbles were the cheapest snacks, they had no soft drinks to start with and Harrison’s singing was woeful!

But failing at one’s own job is fatal in the Apprentice and Siobhan fell foul of this. She did over order though and could have saved money there. She didn’t give a clear costing to Elizabeth and did take somewhat of a backseat leaving things to Bushra and Elizabeth.

Goodbye Siobhan

Still massive friction between the girls. Sarah Jayne and Joanne seem rather unpleasant.  Sarah Jayne kept eating candy floss on the task and when Elizabeth told her off for it, bad mouthed her behind her back. Joanne said she couldn’t sell the candy floss for £4 and then got the hump when Jade did.


Task summary
Week  Task name Winning team  Back in Boardroom Fired Comments
 1 Burgers Graphene (the girls) Elliott, Danny, Charles Danny Disagree. Would have fired Charles if only for having silly glasses!
 2 Hotel redesign Graphene (the girls) Jeff, Ross, James Jeff  Disagree. Would have fired Ross for lack of leadership.
 3 Robots Graphene (the girls) Harrison, Michaela, Elliot Elliot Disagree. Would have fired Michaela
 4 Stadium
Vitality (the boys plus Michaela and Sarah) Elizabeth, Siobhan, Joanne Siobhan  Agree, based on who was available.

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