Strictly 2017 – Week 4

Week 4 line up

Order of dances
 Couple Dance  Song  Dance off /Elimination 
 Debbie & Giovanni Cha Cha Cha  The Shoop Shoop Song (It’s In His Kiss) by Cher
 Brian & Amy  Paso Doble  I Believe in a Thing Called Love by
The Darkness
Dance off week 2
 Mollie & AJ  Salsa Súbeme La Radio by Enrique Iglesias
 Davood & Nadiya  Viennese waltz  Say You Love Me by Jessie Ware  Dance off 
 Charlotte & Brendan  Jive  Marry You by Bruno Mars  Eliminated
 Joe & Katya Cha Cha Cha  You Keep Me Hanging On by The Supremes
 Ruth & Anton  Tango  Allegretto by Bond
 Aston & Janette Quickstep  Mr Blue Sky by ELO
 Simon & Karen  Samba  Copacabana by Barry Manilow Dance off week 3
 Gemma & Aljaž  Paso Doble Viva La Vida by Coldplay
 Alexandra & Gorka  Jive  Proud Mary by Tina Turner
 Jonnie & Oti American smooth  Cry Me a River by Michael Buble
 Susan & Kevin Quickstep  Bring Me Sunshine by Morecambe & Wise
 Eliminated: Chizzy & Pasha, Rev Richard & Dianne


 The leaderboard

Alexandra tops the board this week with her jive which got three 10s, the first tens of the series. Personally I thought it was a bit frenetic even though the song being very quick.  I preferred Gemma and Aljaž’s Paso doble. As Claudia pointed out, Gemma and Aljaž are the only couple whose scores have increased each week, so they are coming up on the rails as contenders.
Aston and Jonnie both did well, business as usual for them.
Susan had another joyous dance this week, doing a quickstep to “Bring Me Sunshine”, bouncing onto the top half of the leaderboard. It will be interesting to see how she copes with  the serious dances such as Paso or Tango.
Davood did a good Viennese waltz despite his motion sickness. He was wearing sea sickness bracelets, so he did well!
Debbie remaining steady on the leaderboard. Ladies with ballet training always seem to struggle with the Cha Cha, as the leg movement makes them look a bit too straight. I remember Helen George having the same problem in 2015.

Top half of leaderboard

The bottom half of the leaderboard saw Mollie and Joe come down from the upper half last week. Joe and Mollie have their ups and downs.

Ruth and Brian are still in the bottom half and unlikely to be in the top half, but both had a good week nevertheless. Ruth pulled off a very enjoyable tango and Brian managed a fair paso.

Charlotte and Simon struggled with their dances but put in plenty of energy. Simon’s bounce action wasn’t good and Charlotte’s kicks and flicks were rather sloppy.


Bottom half of leaderboard


The Results show

 Opening number

This was a paso doble inspired routine to “Run, Boy, Run” by Woodkid.
This was the first proper “concept” pro dance this year. It seemed that Anton was leader of some evil empire and poor Kevin, Giovanni and Aljaž had been taken prisoners and flung in the dungeon. The other pros were part of the evil empire.


Anton is king!

The prisoners try to stage a breakout …


Eventually the prisoners break free. At this point the three escapees flung themselves into a light at the far end of the ballroom, and the ballroom cleared. The escapees returned to the ballroom, now representing their destination, a beautiful haven with the pros dressed in light pastel shades and the female pros lifted aloft.

I thought this was a great routine and the way in which the ballroom floor was quickly cleared to represent the escapees destination. The pros who had been playing the evil empire minions had had a very quick costume change as they became part of the new haven. Anton himself was in this segment and had had a quick costume change too. Great choreography and stage management.

Guest spot

This was American  jazz singer Gregory Porter singing classic song “Smile” from his new album “Nat ‘King’ Cold and Me” which as the title suggests is an album of Nat ‘King’ Cole songs. You can tell it’s getting near Christmas when everyone brings out covers and musicals inspired albums!
The dance accompaniment was provided by Pasha and Dianne who did a lovely routine.

Pasha and Dianne

The dance off

So, one couple I expected and the other I didn’t. Charlotte and Brendan I expected to be in the Dance Off, but Davood and Nadiya was a surprise, dropping from the top half of the leaderboard. On reflection, I think they are perceived as a bit bland. Nadiya is a new pro and hasn t had time to make her mark and Davood is quite reserved, despite their supposed “sexy” image. Simon benefited from bounce back after being in the bottom two last week. Brian is a bigger character and Ruth did well this week and she has Anton who is popular!

Davood & Nadiya vs Charlotte & Brendan

Goodbye Charlotte

Another breakfast presenter bites the dust early on! Charlotte did her best, as she said, and perhaps deserved another couple of weeks, but that’s how it goes!

Goodbye Charlotte

Their last dance was to “Don’t Stop” by Fleetwood Mac

Last dance



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