The Apprentice 2016 – The Final

And my write up of the Final finally arrives!
The candidates are asked to meet Lord Sugar at City Hall
The task
Launch their businesses …

With a little help from some past candidates from this series…
Now for the back to school awkward, “oh, please don’t let me be last choice” moment!
In order:

Alana’s team: Oliver, Rebecca, Frances, Alana, Grainne

Courtney’s team: Paul, Karthik, Courtney, Jessica, Sofiane

Interesting that one team is 4 girls and 1 guy and the other team is 4 guys and 1 girl! Courtney has both Sofiane and Paul on his team, who have caused friction on previous tasks, so should be interesting how they work together here.
The teams go off in their respective taxis.
In their taxi, Karthik says “well done, dude” and Jessica shrieks “you’re in the final”
“I’m so glad you guys are back” says Alana to Frances and Grainne who says thanks for choosing them!
Courtney says he has chosen big characters and personalities which can play to his advantage and show Lord Sugar he can lead.
Last to be chosen Paul says to Sofiane in their taxi that he wonders if people just saw their friends and started picking them! He says they know that Courtney and Jessica are quite close and she was his first decision and was that business or personal!
At the office, Alana explains her cake manufacturing business to her team. Oliver asks where it is based and is told “West Wales”. Alana says it’s “very country kitchen”. The team sample her chocolate and are very impressed with its quality. Alana says to camera she says she has from her team, “food, branding, organisation and Grainne!”.
Courtney shows his team some examples of his goods, and Karthik asks if Courtney wants to set up an on-line store. Courtney says he wants to push in that direction and make money fast and quickly. The next thing is to come up with a company name which is fun and cheeky. Courtney suggests “Bingo Bongo”, “Ringo Dingo”. Karthik asks if the products are all pocket sized and suggests “pocket pleasers”. Courtney’s suggestion of “pocket pleasures” incurs laughter! Paul says he doesn’t like anything he’s heard so far and Courtney suggests putting some names on the board. Paul says to camera that Courtney needs to up his game. He says “Bingo Bongo, Billy Bingo whatever are rubbish” He looks at at the blackboard and asks them if they really believe the name of a global brand is written there because he doesn’t!
Alana discusses her potential company name with Rebecca saying “gooey”. Frances says the peanut butter chocolate is rich and then Alana says they are “ridiculously rich” to which branding expert Rebecca siezes upon. Frances says you don’t want “ridiculous” but Rebecca says it is quality and luxury and “Ridiculously rich'” has that. Alana puts Rebecca in charge of branding. Grainne and Frances are in charge of the digital sign. It needs to be eye-catching and different says Grainne, and Frances says that between them they can be!
Courtney assigns Jessica to be sub-team leader with Paul and Sofiane with her. They go and get some novelty stuff and when it comes to the video they all have different ideas. Paul doesn’t want it to look structured, Sofiane has his own ideas and Jessica puts her foot down at fancy dress. To camera Jessica says she going to try and rein it in and is doing a good job as she is managing two idiots!
Alana is with Rebecca working on their logo for Ridiculously Rich which is the name above a cake stand. Claude says to camera it doesn’t have a unique selling point.
Meanwhile, Courtney still hasn’t got a name for his company. He suggests “Light Bulb”, “Bright Bulb” or “Bright Bulb Moments” to Karthik who suggests “Cheeky Moments”. Courtney says he’d rather have an animal which is cheeky such as a monkey or a llama! Karthik is getting fed up and asks him his favourite animal. “whale” says Courtney and his favourite colour “purple” says Courtney. Courtney goes with “Purple Whale” and asks the designer to draw a logo of a purple whale.
Courtney has an appointment with a coach from acting school RADA, who does some confidence exercises with him to help him in his pitch. One strange exercise involves the coach standing behind Courtney and putting his arms around his waist trying to drag him back whilst Courtney moves forward doing his pitch!
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