The Apprentice 2016 – week 10

The show has now finished but I will still be posting on the final few weeks.
The candidates are asked to meet Lord Sugar in Greenwich at the Old Royal Naval College.

The Task
Lord Sugar tells the candidates that in the 18th century the navy helped to make gin one of the popular drinks in the world by loading up their boats in spirits and using it to pay their sailors in lieu. He says that once again the gin industry is growing rapidly so for the next task they are to create their own gin. He has laid on a distillery for each team and arranged for them to bid to three potential clients. The team that secures the most orders will win.
He moves Trishna and Frances to team Titans and Alana to team Nebula.
We are told that the UK gin market is worth almost a billion a year and booming and the current trend for new flavours and brands can turn a tasty tipple into a tidy profit.
On team Nebula, Alana really wants to be project manager as she has a food background . Courtney says he gets products from concept to market and that’s what the task is. Alana says she is surrounded by alcohol brands all the time and has the knowledge to win the task. Courtney says it’s a creative task and he hasn’t been PM of a creative task. Alana says it isn’t about his opportunity, it’s about winning the task. Courtney says he’s won 7 out of 9 tasks. Jessica has been looking on during this exchange saying she has faith in both of them but goes with Courtney when he says “who’s going to manage this project best?”
On team Titans, Grainne is already in charge, saying she’s tasted a lot of gin! Frances takes complete charge of the branding side leaving Grainne and Trishna on manufacturing.
On team Nebula Courtney and Jessica choose to do the branding. Courtney asks Alana if she o.k. doing the manufacturing on her own as there will be no-one to “sanity check” it. Alana is 100% sure about doing it on her own.
The team try out some various flavours of gin, spiced and fruity and Alana says in her experience people go for the fruity ones, so the team go with that.
On the other team, Grainne, Trisha and Frances do some tasting and decide to go for a spicey gin.
Now in in their sub-team taxis, Alana phones Courtney and Jessica and suggests they go with raspberry and pink pepper.
Frances suggests a name for their gin as “Colony gin” with a story of a naval officer sailing the world at the height of the British empire and tasting spices and now they’re bringing it back in their gin. Trishna and Grainne say they like it. Frances suggests bold colours for the bottle and Trishna says orange and brown. Trishna says to Grainne that as orange is the label maybe the gin should be orange too, as it goes with the spice colour.
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