Strictly 2016 week 13 – The Final

The judges pick for Louise and Kevin is their Cha Cha Cha which got them 7,8,8,8 in week 3.
The judges pick for Danny and Oti is their quickstep which got them four 9s in week 4.
Thoughts on the first dances
I can understand the judges picking Ore and Joanne’s American smooth. It was a standout dance from Movie week.
Didn’t really get the choice of Cha Cha for Louise and Kevin. It wasn’t really one of her best dances and still isn’t sadly. Of course the AT was out because it was chosen by the couple themselves. Their Big Spender American smooth would have been good but I suppose the judges didn’t want another AS. Their waltz from week 10, their paso from Blackpool or the Charleston from Halloween week, would have been better.
Danny may have fumbled a bit in his quickstep but it was still very good. Again though, I didn’t think this was the best choice for the couple. The quickstep is very technical and with nerves can go wrong. Their Blackpool “Puttin’ on the Ritz” Charleston would have been good, as would have been their Paso from Movie week. Personally as a bit of contrast to the others I’d have picked their Cha Cha from way back to the second show when Danny did some Michael Jackson moves to “Cake by the Ocean”. It was a great routine then and they could have really sold it this time.
Ore and Joanne won this round.
The first leaderboard
The voting opens
Claudia’s comedy interlude
Back to the dropping things running gag, which this time involved Claudia lowering Danny’s mirror into position.
“You’ve done it, high five” says Tess, cue glass smashing noise
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