The Apprentice 2016 – week 9

Return to the boardroom
Titans returned to the boardroom. Lord Sugar said the feedback was that it was a kids’ game which is the smallest market in VR gaming. Dillon explained he had suggested a dynamic hero. Claude said that after a whole day they came up with ‘Magic Shells’. Dillon said it wasn’t dynamic enough for what he was hoping. Sofiane said they didn’t say that at the time, and Dillon and Alana said they did. Lord Sugar said it didn’t exploit the VR aspect and Alana said she had the idea of coloured jelly fish which came from above and rushed towards you and stung you. Lord Sugar asked she had whispered this but Alana said that Sofiane focussed on Dillon as being creative and forgot she was there! Dillon said he was focused on getting the gameplay together. Lord Sugar then discussed the pitch being a car crash with Sofiane ignoring his own running order! Dillon was admonished for not jumping in.
Lord Sugar asked Sofiane who he was bringing back and he chose Grainne and Dillon.
The reckoning

Grainne, Sofiane and Dillon

Sofiane said he’d brought back Grainne because she didn’t input much and Dillon because he was lost in his own world and the game wasn’t creative enough. Asked who should be fired Sofiane said “not him” and then said Dillon. Unsurprisingly Grainne and Dillon both said “Sofiane” when asked the same question!
Lord Sugar said that so many people had told him that Sofiane had no regard for others and did his own thing. Lord Sugar said he couldn’t deal with people like that in business. To Grainne he said that she had taken a back seat in the task. She said she hadn’t taken a back seat in anything. Lord Sugar asked how many tasks she had won and she said “three”, adding “I know that’s not good”. Lord Sugar said to Dillon that he was similar to Sofiane in that he liked to do his own thing too. Dillon said he could have done things better if he had the time again. Lord Sugar said that Dillon was a very, very nice person but he didn’t have the potential to be his business partner and fired him.
Lord Sugar said to Sofiane that he goes off and does his own thing and they’re getting close to the end now and he didn’t believe he could be his business partner, so fired him too!
Goodbye Dillon
I think Dillon still had mileage left in him. Sofiane should have put Alana and Dillon on the other team as Dillon said. It was Sofiane’s “Coral Kid” which scuppered the game idea. I would have kept Dillon, but I think Lord Sugar was looking to fire two people this week to get the numbers down.
Goodbye Sofiane
Sofiane has been dead man walking for some weeks now and I am surprised he lasted this long!
The real unsung heroes of this task were the computer game designers who had to design characters as the candidates brainstormed them and then create demo games overnight based on minimal information!
So Courtney is the last man standing. I think the women have been much stronger than the men in the process this year.
A big “aww, bless” to Jessica’s disbelief back at the house to Dillon not coming back. She obviously got on well with him.

Week Task Winning Team Back in boardroom Fired Comments
1 Collectables TItans (the boys) Alana, Michelle, Rebecca Michelle Agreed. MIchelle had no strategy and gave no help to her sub-team. She took no notice of the expert and sent the market team to Camden rather than Portobello.
2 Advertising – jeans Neither! Natalie, Alana, Jessica,
Mukai, Karthik, JD
Natalie Disagreed. I’d have sent Mukai & Karthik home with a warning to Jessica.
3 Corporate Candy TItans Mucai,Oliver,Paul
Oliver Agree. Oliver was a useless project manager. Grainne took over in Oliver’s sub-team and Paul moved himself to the other sub-team!
4 Department
TItans Karthik,Grainne,Mukai Mukai Agree. Mukai swayed the team over the leather goods and didn’t sell well.
5 Cycling crowdfunding TItans Paul, JD, Rebecca JD Agree, although Sofiane should havd gone if JD had swapped Paul with him!
6 Discount buying TItans Rebecca, Trishna, Sofiane Rebecca Agree. I thought that Sofiane might have gone too but he survived!
7 Boat show Nebula Dillon, Samuel, Alana Karthik fired outright before boardroom, then Samuel Surprised that Karthik got fired immediately but he was a gonna anyway. Samuel the right one to go from those three.
8 London landmarks Titans Fran, Paul, Jessica Paul Agree. Paul should have had a clearer pricing strategy but his aggressive attitude particularly in front of people at the venue and towards Lord Sugar made him a gonna!
9 Virtual Reality game Nebula Grainne, Sofiane, Dillon Dillon then Sofiane Agree, Sofiane has been on borrowed time for ages. He was poor in this task. I wouldn’t have fired Dillon. I think things would have turned out differently if he had been PM.

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