The Apprentice 2016 – week 9

Trishna is coaching Jessica on the pitch. She tells Jessica to say the player is Galactic Gordon and then says she’ll mention the game environment and gameplay.
Sofiane says to Grainne he’s open their pitch then pass to Dillon, then Alana should be on the VR kit whilst Grainne explains what she’s doing. Alana says she’d like to explain as she does it, but Grainne says she’ll do that. Sofiane says they can do what they want but it musn’t be chaotic.
Mid-afternoon and the teams present their games to experts and enthusiasts. Jessica starts her pitch enthusiastically but stumbles a bit at first. She says the game need to stand out and with the name of “Gordon’s Lost His Badger” it will be memorable and create customer curiosity. She reads out the game mission as a poem which gets some cheers! Frances, dressed as a star then demonstrates the game as Trishna describes it. They open the floor to questions and the absence of Gordon is brought up but Trishna says the focus is on the badger. The name is queried as more of a cry for help and Jessica says they wanted something a bit random and obscure and it certainly isn’t forgettable!
Next, it’s Sofiane’s team, and Sofiane says they’ve picked the ocean as a theme because it’s immersive, and then asks Grainne to demo the game, which takes Grainne by surprise. She takes off her shoes because she says she doesn’t want to fall over and then nervously puts the head-set on and bumps into Sofiane who has just passed behind her! Alana starts to describe what Grainne is trying to do in the game. “Come on, Grainne” says Alana as Grainne waves about trying to collect pieces of shell!
The demo ends and then Alana passes on to Dillon who describes the rest of the level. He then goes to hand to Alana and then hands to Sofiane who takes questions from the floor. One chap says the character is likeable but the “magic shells” sounds like hallucinogenic drugs and asks who the game is targetted at. Sofiane says it’s a very interesting question and Alana takes the microphone and says it’s targetted at children but mainly families where they can gather round and enjoy it. David from Playstation comments that people at the venue are dressed in various amazing costumes and if in a year’s time people will be dressed as “the coral kid”. Sofiane says absolutely as it’s distinguised and unique. Alana chimes in saying that an 11 year old came up that day and said he’d create a comic book for them, so watch for the “coral kid” comic book coming their way soon!
The pitches over, the public had a ballot vote on their preferred game and the experts provided feedback to Claude and Karren.
Back in the boardroom

Nebula led by Trishna (seated far right)

Lord Sugar turned to Nebula, led by Trishna, first. He had a drawing of the badger and said it wasn’t exsctly Van Gogh! Courtney said that Jessica had decided on the quiff and he had made it a rainbow. Trishna said she hadn’t been happy with the game name. Frances then briefly demonstrated the game in the headset. She found the badger following the game clues. Karren said that the feedback had said the badger was small.
Lord Sugar discussed day two and the pitch. It was mentioned that Courtney had stepped back from doing the pitch, with Karren saying Courtney had looked terrified. He said he’d given speeches at his old university to 250 people. Lord Sugar said that “Gordon’s Lost His Badger” could be a sequel to “Courtney’s Lost His Marbles”! He disagreed with this but Karren said he was Galactic Gordon so he should have played the game, which might have overcome some of the criticism about why Gordon wasn’t in the branding.
Lord Sugar asked Jessica if she had managed to control herself or whether she was her usual “Duracell bunny”. She said she was a bit flustered for the first few seconds but believed she delivered the pitch with confidence and answered the questions well. Karren said she had asked the experts afterwards and they said Jessica was engaging and impressed the most of everyone doing the pitch. Jessica was very pleased and thanked her for this.

Lord Sugar turned his attentions to team Titans and PM Sofiane. Sofiane said Dillon came up with the game and Grainne the magic shells. Lord Sugar asked what he did and he said “the coral kid” name. Lord Sugar asked their target market and Sofiane said 15-34, and Sugar said they wouldn’t want play a game for a kid. Alana then played the game to show Lord Sugar. Lord Sugar said that Claude said the pitch of the purpose of the game was as clear as mud. Dillon said the original running order was that Dillon would explain the game first, but Sofiane said it was his mistake to start with the playing of the game. Lord Sugar asked if Sofiane was a good project manager and the silence was deafening! Alana said it was a good game and Dillon said he had enjoyed the experience of creating a VR game.
So to the feedback …
Lord Sugar said that 5 of the 7 experts said that with a bit of improvement they would invest in Nebula’s game (Gordon’s Lost His Badger). None of the experts were interested in Titans’ game (Magic Shells). As for the public feedback it was a landslide victory for Nebula who got 222 votes out of 300.
Nebula’s treat was a visit to “Chambers of Flavour” which was a immersive dining experience. This looked very weird indeed with the candidates jumping into a containers full of plastic balls and then being in a mock up plane whilst a drag queen pretended to fly stretched out full length on a podium!
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