The Apprentice 2016 – week 9

On the other team’s branding sub-team Jessica brainstorms saying a character like Spaceman Sam could have lost his pet. She says it could be something random, and Courtney says “badger”! Jessica laughs at this saying “yeah!”. Jessica says the badger could have a big quiff like The Fonz and be a cosmic badger! Jessica sings “spaceman Sam and the cosmic badger”. Courtney prefers “Galactic Sam” and Jessica suggests “Galactic Gary”! Courtney laughs and says it’s getter weirder and weirder!
Dillon tells Alana about his game idea. He says the main character is from Atlantis and he has to get the right pieces of shells which fall down in bubbles. Alana asks who their target market is because she thinks that the game is not enough of a puzzle if it’s for people who like puzzles. Alana suggests jelly fish with the puzzle pieces on top but which cannot be touched if they are alight. Dillon is unsure saying he doesn’t know how complicated to make it.
Trishna and Frances work on their space game, adding a timing element. Jessica and Courtney phone to say the premise is a lost astrobadger, which isn’t greeted by enthusiasm by the Trishna. She asks why it’s a badger and is told they wanted it to be random and that a cat or dog wouldn’t be as exotic! Trishna says to camera that she expected more from them and hopes they will be focussed on the logo and strapline.
At a costume house, the teams look for themed outfits for the game launch. Grainne finds a green princess dress with shells on and Sofiane picks something more akin to an elf costume! Meanwhile Courtney finds an astronaut outfit and Jessica finds a star costume with a cut out bit for her face. Afterwards they brainstorm game names, Badger hunt”, “lost badger in space”, “Galactic Gordon”. Courtney comes up with “Gordon’s Lost His Badger” and Jessica likes it!
Sofiane and Grainne brainstorm their underwater character Deep diver” ponders Grainne, “The ocean kid; sea man; aqua kid” muses Sofiane. “Coral kid” says Sofiane. Grainne says to camera that Dillon and Alana could have added input. Grainne comes up with “Magic shells” for the game name. They phone Dillon and tell him “wow, are you serious?” he asks incredulously! Alana asks if it’s changeable and is told it isn’t. “Lovely” she says! They are even less impressed with the main character being a kid. Alana says to Dillon it sounds like they’ve not thought about it and just gone with “magic shells”.
Both teams meet with the computer game designers. Trishna explains about how many planets the want and other elements. On the other team Alana suggests having something which swims about and attacks you, but Dillon wants to make sure the game is complete rather than adding more elements.
Courtney and Jessica phone PM Trishna to say the name of the game “Gordon’s Lost His Badger”. Trishna asks if it can be changed! Courtney just suggests making it smaller! Trishna reluctantly accepts this and asks for them to send her the images of Galactic Gordon and the badger. Afterwards Trishna says to Frances she was worried about those two together and hates the name. Frances agrees with her.
Sofiane is with the game designer saying he wants the bubbles to come out of the logo in 3D and asks if he knows what he means by 3D! They put “the coral kid” character in a diving suit.
Courtney and Jessica with the game designer design their badger with a rainbow quiff holding a flag saying “leave no badger behind”. Jessica asks about Galactic Gordon and Courtney says he’s not seen in the game.
In their office, Trishna and Frances await with anticipation the images of Gordon and his badger. On seeing the badger, Trishna wonders if it’s a badger with Frances saying it might be an armadillo! Trishna asks their designet if the image of Galactic Gordon is there and is told that’s all they were given.
Frances and Trishna are horrified saying it makes no sense with no Gordon. Frances says its pathetic and embarrassing.
Demos of the games are built overnight by the designers.
The following day, the teams go to the “Comic-con” expo to launch their games to the public.
Dillon comments on the logo board for the Coral Kid, saying he doesn’t need the helmet because he lives underwater and he’s young looking. To camera he says the character is more cutesy and less romantic hero than he’d like.
Trishna meanwhile isn’t happy with the name of their game saying it lacks vision. Jessica says she thinks it does. Trishna says that she won’t lie and say she loves it, because she doesn’t but they have to work with it.
Jessica says she wants to pitch because she has ideas for it, but Trishna asks Courtney to do it. Courtney, however says he wants Jessica to do it, much to Trishna’s annoyance, who says if he doesn’f want to do it, what can she do?
Over on “Magic Shells” Grainne tests out the game and Alana gets feedback from the public. It soon becomes apparent that people thinks it’s a kids’ game. Alana says to camera that her and Dillon had hoped for a wider appeal but as a child’s game it’s good.
Meanwhile Courtney is getting feedback from the public trying out their lost badger game. He discovers that the gameplay is not clear.
Dillon and Sofiane put on coral kid masks and go to see the other team’s stand incognito. “Gordon’s Lost His Badger” says Dillon incredulously to Sofiane and says he’s not worried. “It looks terrible” says Sofiane. “Who wants to be a badger?” says Dillon, and they go back to their stand unnoticed.
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