The Apprentice 2016 – week 9

7am and Karren and Claude arrive at the candidates’ house whilst they are in their nightwear!
The candidates are gathered together and asked to put on the headsets laid on the table.

The Task
Lord Sugar welcomes them to his virtual boardroom because for the next task they will entering the world of
virtual reality. He says globally the computer games industry is worth over 70 billion pounds. This year technology firms will be pushing virtual reality games into the mainstream.
Lord Sugar says the task is to create a VR game but as important as the game will be the brand they create and to succeed they will have to push their imagination and design skills to the maximum.
He says that in virtual reality, anything can happen, and at this point the background glass doors break up to reveal the boardroom above the Earth in space. He says once they produced a playable version of the game they will launch it to the public and industry professionals at the trade expo. He says a word of advice is to make the brand memorable.
Karren tells the candidates that this task is about cutting edge technology and as Sofiane and Trishna have business plans in that sector and in the same team she asks Sofiane to move to Titans and Courtney to Nebula.
The candidates go to other rooms in the house where some VR games have been laid on to try out.
They then hold start-up meetings. Courtney comments that it’s the first meeting he’s done in his dressing gown! Trishna says she wants to put herself forward for PM although her expertise isn’t in VR she has played computer games. She is supported by the others. Trishna says she hopes it will turn out better this time (she lost the task when she was PM last time) and Jessica says they’re the winning team this time. Courtney says that’s because they’re not competing against him this time, and the others groan and Karren rolls her eyes!
On the other team art illustrator Dillon puts himself forward as he’s good at designing characters and branding. Sofiane says he worked at a store which had a massive launch of one of the top brands of VR and sold one of the first VR headsets in the country. Grainne starts to mention about his experience of selling and Sofiane says he knows more than selling and knows the industy and is confident he can win the task. Sofiane becomes PM which doesn’t sit well with Dillon, who says to camera that Sofiane has sold a few headsets and suddenly he’s PM!
Trishna’s team consider game ideas. Courtney says that space has mass appeal and Frances suggests a Martian adventure, perhaps a race through the galaxy and Courtney agrees “space race” is a good idea. Trishna says she might sound like an idiot but asks what Martians look like! Jessica laughingly says they don’t know because they’ve never seen one but they can just create one! The team choose outer space as their theme and Trishna makes Courtney sub-team leader for the branding side and Jessica asks to work on the branding side too.
Sofiane’s team discuss their game concept. Dillon suggests a medieval “defend the castle” idea and Sofiane says that’s a console game. Dillon suggests collecting puzzle pieces which become a whole piece. Alana suggests an underwater theme because that visually beautiful. Dillion asks Sofiane whIch of the sub-teams will do the character creation and is told the branding sub-team. Dillon says he’s an illustrator and Alana says she is good at branding and that Grainne has a son who plays lots of computer games. Sofiane chooses himself and Grainne to work on the branding and Dillon and Alana to create the game. As they leave the house Dillon asks Sofiane if he is sure about the sub-teams, stating that he works in branding and design. Sofiane takes no notice telling him to stay positive. In their taxi, Dillon talks to Alana saying they should be on the other team, and Sofiane and Grainne should be on theirs. Alana agrees saying she doesn’t do any gaming all and is being asked to create a game!
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