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Strictly 2016 second show

Opening number was to the song “What the World Needs Now Is Love Sweet Love”
and started with a couple of children dancing a waltz. This progressed to a senior couple dancing then Len Goodman dancing with pro Natalie and the other judges dancing with pros too. Soon the rest of the pros joined in and the pink and yellow lit dancefloor was filled with couples young and old, amateur and pro waltzing together; even Tess and Claudia did a few shuffles with some male pros. It was all rather lovely and and a great opening to the show.


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Strictly 2016 first show

Tess and Claudia are back

The last of this line up of judges as it is Len's last series.
The class of 2016
Couple Dance Song
Laura & Giovanni Cha Cha Venus by Shocking Blue/Bananarama
Naga & Pasha Waltz Run to You by Whitney Houston
Robert & Oksana Cha Cha Mercy by Duffy
Lesley & Anton Waltz What'll I Do by Alison Krauss
Ore & Joanne Tango Geronimo by Sheppard
Greg & Natalie Jive Get Ready by The Temptations
My Thoughts

Laura (above) has natural rhythm, a great opening cha-cha.

Naga did a very elegant waltz.

Robert (Judge Rinder) is this year's comedy turn, but he can dance. He's not technically great but a great people pleaser. Could go a long way.

Lesley did a very elegant waltz with some nice heel turns. After getting to the final last year with Katie I thought Anton might be back on the “nice but two left feet contestant” again. I'm glad that Anton has someone who is trying hard and treating the competition seriously.

Ore did well, but I really don't like pop music used for tangos and this didn't work for me. I have to agree with Len a bit about the faffing about at the beginning.

Greg as a long jumper can jump and he did a few here but his jive bounce action is not great. I had a few flashbacks to Natalie's former celeb partner Michael Vaughn. Both had energy but their jive leg action was rather haphazard.

The leaderboard at the end of Friday's show.

Well I don't think the first out will be from these six. All did very well for a first go. The scores show how close they are.


Strictly launch

So, Strictly is back, well briefly for the launch show anyway. It’s back proper in three weeks.
I will not be posting in as much detail as in previous years but I will still be posting some stuff!
The launch show paired the celebrities with their pro partners.
Here are the 15
It was welcome back to the pros, well some of them anyway. A number of pros: Ola, Tristan, Gleb, Aliona, Kristina, left for various reasons since the last series and we got five shiny new pros, Gorka, AJ, Oksana, Katya and Neil. Neil is not paired with a celeb and part of the troupe. One of them, AJ, as Claudia cheekily commented looked like he was still at school! Joanne Clifton is paired with a celeb again this year after being part of the troupe last year. She was paired with Scott Mills the year before,
Below though are some of the established pros, welcome back!
So, time to pair up the celebs with pros, here they are!
Louise and Kevin
Naga and Pasha
Anastacia and Brendan
Laura and Giovanni
Melvin and Janette
Greg and Natalie
Robert and Oksana (a new pro)
Danny and Oti
For those who may think Oti is a new pro, she isn’t, she arrived last year but the poor girl went out in week 3 with boxer Anthony Ogogo.
Claudia and AJ ( a new pro) AJ had permission from school to attend this! (as Claudia Winkleman joked about him looking 12!)
Daisy and Aljaž
Lesley and Anton
Tameka and Gorka (a new pro)
Ore and Joanne
Ed and Katya (a new pro)
Will and Karen
Well it’s early days yet, but my first impressions for the top are: Karen and Will, Ore and Joanne, Danny and Oti and possibly Louise and Kevin and Daisy and Aljaž.
We shall see …
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